Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Intervals, Peaches and Play

I didn't get out to run until after 8 today which was bad because it was starting to get hot and good because I need to get used to running in the heat since my upcoming half will be in the heat.  I decided to do an interval workout 8 x 800's at about 10k pace, with a 1 mile warm up and cooldown. It felt really good and I ended up doing the 800's at closer to 5k pace.  YAY!  This made me feel a lot better about the upcoming race and running in the heat.  Post run picture, you can't tell but I am a sweaty mess!

After that I picked up my kids and my sister's kids and took them down to play in the creek that never was a creek while I was growing up.  Just goes to show how much rain we had earlier in June.  We had a lot of fun, the water felt great.  We played there for two hours, I was wishing I would have packed a lunch so we could stay and play longer. 

 Trying to catch tadpoles.  We never even came close, next time we go with a net!
 It was a perfect place to play, not very muddy, perfect water temp, pretty shallow for the little kids. Great summer fun! This usually has never been more than a run off area, at least in my lifetime! 

 Even what the kids thought was a beaver dam.  I let them think that it was more fun that way!

I  did have a big box of peaches that I needed to do something with, so home we came.  I made 15 jars of strawberry peach freezer jam, froze a bunch for smoothies, and froze some for pies.  Seemed to take all afternoon to get it done. My long weekend is coming to an end and I work three days in a row starting tomorrow, boo. 

What did you do fun today?


  1. What I did fun today? I bagged my weights class and took a nap (I did get my run in before that). The creek looks very fun. There's a shady canyon here with a little creek my kids love in the summer. We haven't been yet this year, but your post makes me want to go. I do worry about mountain lions in there, though. :^)

  2. Your kids are so CUTE!! I am obsessed with peaches. Never tried peach jam though, I bet it's delicious! Today's fun was giving myself the time to take a 2-hour nap. It happens very rarely and it felt amazing. I think naps are the theme today!

  3. You are so gonna race awesome :). Is that half your next race?
    For fun today? haha I'm making dinner and commenting on blogs!...that's kinda fun? :).

  4. Ugh, that workout sounds rough! Way to go!

    Great pictures too.

  5. wow! 8X800s, you go! what a fun afternoon afternoon with the kids!

  6. mmmmmm peach pie!

    That creek looks like so much fun. We used to have one in our back yard as kids it was awesome.

  7. Your post has me craving peaches! I'll have to look for some this weekend at the co-op.

    The fun thing that I did yesterday was finishing organizing my new office.

  8. Wow, you're a super mom: 8 miles, 2 hours of playing and then making 15 jars of jam? Dang, I wish you could bottle some of that energy :)

  9. Way to go on the 800s. Those are my idea of a personal hell.

  10. I want to learn to make jam! Looks like such a fun day with the kids - I love seeing families spending time outside together!


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