Friday, July 1, 2011

Twistband winners and Friday recap

The winners of the Twistband giveaway are...
yup,  winners plural!  I could either make one big winner and they would get 12 bands, or 2 winners with 6 bands, or make it fun and have four winners each get three bands.  There were only 31 entries by so I decided to make it fun and have four winners because it is so fun to win and get fun things in the mail.  So here they are. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Christina at The Athletarian

Email me your info and if I have it by tomorrow morning these will be in the mail tomorrow before noon. YAY!

Okay so I survived floating to another department yesterday, but I got really tired of answering the phone and saying "Sorry I can't answer that I am just a float this isn't my regular department someone will have to call you back"  Some people got really worked up.  I did get up and run three miles before I went to work so that helped keep my even keeled.  I didn't have to be there until 8 vs normally having to be at work by 6:45.  That was one bonus about floating.  See, there is always an upside!  

 I got to work in the OR today and had a fun day, came home a little early and did's Sexy Beast workout, which is one of my very favorites.  I love it when I have time to fit in a BodyRock workout after work.   I can't believe I have been a Body Rocker for 8 months now.  I think it is possibly one the best things to ever happen to my workouts.  Thanks Freddy and Zuzanna for all the awesome, free, new workouts you continue to post.  I am so happy my sister told me about you and so sorry I was such a skeptic about it, till I tried it and got HOOKED!  :)

Anyone else BodyRock?  I know Katie at Run for the Bikini does.  I found her there first, before I ever had my running blog.  Just curious if anyone loves it as much as I do.

I am skipping out on two races that I could be doing this weekend so that my right hamstring can continue on to it's journey to feeling better.  It has been really sore in the last month and has been starting to feel better the last two weeks.  I have finally started using the foam roller and I think that has really helped. Two weeks until my super hot half marathon, I really want my hamstring to feel 100% by then. Just thinking about those races make my legs itchy to get out and run. It really isn't too late to register for either one, so maybe I will change my mind  :), it would probably only take a little persuasion.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and 4th!  I don't think we have any big plans.  Might go to a parade and rodeo, and try to catch some fireworks




  1. How fun to have lots of winners. Speaking of winners, I received my Chocolate #9 the other day. I've even taken one of them... pretty yummy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Haha, I love the positivity, there is always a bright side! Sorry you had to miss your races, hope you heal up soon!

  3. Yes, I love running before work...I always feel so much more even keeled too, I totally know what you mean.

    Never tried Body Rock, but it definitely sounds like it's a great workout-- and judging by the results on you and Katie, it must be great!

  4. Two weeks left to your half marathon? Wow! I still have a few months to prep. Hope you have a good weekend!

  5. I'm thinking about trying BodyRock--I was on the site yesterday checking it out!!!

  6. I'm so psyched I won!! I got your message last night when I was at a rehearsal dinner for Mike's friends' wedding and freaked out a little I was so excited. They all think I'm crazy now.

  7. I need to check out this body rock! If I can have your chiseled physique, I'm in!

    So glad you made the alternate for Nuun H2C!!

  8. ya, i gotta agree that this body rock is certainly looking good on u! :)

    heal that hammy up, ya that foam roller is a BEAST!! oh man, the first few times i used it on my IT band i was THIS close to tears. it hurts but it really is effective at breaking things up and i know it's helped. heal up and then get back out there a spank tushies at the races. :)

    have a great rest of ur weekend!

  9. I really need to check out the body rock because obviously it works. You and Keri both have rocking bods.

    I am taking a brake from racing over the 4th too and definitely feeling the runners envy. I know my body needs a break from racing though.

    Happy 4th of July!!


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