Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Good the Bad and the Disgusting

I did a 10 mile long run this morning even though my plan called for a 12.  I just wasn't really feeling it and was tired, so I gave myself a break and wussed out came home early.  I ate 5 cookies, 1 piece of cake and a large helping of ice cream this afternoon at a party.  It was so good. Now I need a salad to counter all that.

  The GOOD
Then the whole family and I went down and worked in the garden for awhile after my run this morning.  My Aunt has moved to North Dakota for awhile so I planted her garden this year.  The soil is better than it is at my house and it is fenced off so the deer can't eat it while I am sleeping.  The thing I love most about this garden though is that my Great Great Grandfather gardened in it and now his Great great great grandchildren play there while I pull weeds.  I like to think he is watching over us with a smile.  I never knew him, but my Dad did and he also wrote down many of the stories of his life and adventures of growing up in Nebraska and later coming to Montana.  I love that my family has been in one spot for so long.  It gives me such a grounded feeling and just plain makes me happy.  I feel so blessed to have so much family around and that my kids are getting to grow up in a place so special to me.  It is also awesome to have so many people who will watch my kids while I run!

On a TOTALLY different note I was in town yesterday picking up my Bountiful Basket.  I had to make a couple other stops, but I was driving my big ol Dodge pickup that I hate driving in town because it feels so big compared to my car.  Anyway I parked at the far end of the parking lot and left the windows down about 3 inches so that the fruit in the cab wouldn't get to hot.  I came back out of the store and there stuck in the small opening of the window was a LARGE DIRTY PLASTIC penis.  I was SHOCKED to say the least and a little uncertain about what to do.  It was on the passenger side so I walked around and decided to unlock the door, grab it with a plastic bag and get rid of it.  But instead of hitting the unlock button I hit the PANIC button.  So now I have THAT THING in the window and my pick-up is honking and I feel like everyone is staring at me.  Egads. After some fumbling I finally go the honking to quit, changed my plan to just getting inside.  I climbed in grabbed a plastic bag and started to unroll the window and tried to catch it in the bag.  Didn't work, it rolled to the floor.  I considered just opening the door and driving away, but with how my luck was going the litter patrol or something would see me do it and be like um excuse me is this yours.  Hell no it ain't mine.  Gross.  So I took it home and threw it in the dumpster.  Now I am waiting for the wind to kick it out in the driveway so someone can come over and see it sitting there or something.  Ugg.  So gross.  Who does that? No I will not post a picture of it. It would probably get my blog censored or something.

Happy 4th of July.  We are going to a neighbors house to do fireworks and eat!  The kids are so excited :) Me too! Oh yeah check out my giveaway here!


  1. 10 miles is nothing to sneeze at!! Sometimes you just gotta listen to your body! I have had my fair share of sweet treats this weekend too! Glad you got to work in your garden today...what a neat history it has!

    And eww on the plastic penis story!! Why in the world someone would do that is beyond me! Some people just have too much time on their hands!

    Happy 4th!

  2. The Bad...wasn't so bad. 10 miles is awesome! I did laugh when you listed all of the items you ate. I have days like that too.

    The something I can relate to. That is really awesome that you are living where your family has roots. Our house is my husband's grandparents house. It is over 50 years old and it had an even older house on the property. This house holds plenty of memories.

    The Disgusting... is truly disgusting. Sorry you had to go through that. I hate when I set off the panic button and I would hate to have it go off under those circumstances.

  3. Why DO people do things like that (the penis story)? Yuck. But the way you told it was really funny.

    I love your roots in the literal ground where you live. We live far away from everyone in our families and I really miss that sense of connection.

  4. Oh my that is odd.I would have to ask why someone was walking around with it to stick it anywhere. Strange.

  5. That is such a bizarre story, so gross! I love that so many generations of your family have gardened in the same place, that's so wonderful!

  6. Eeewwww! That's so weird. What would possess a person to leave that on your car? Have a wonderful 4th!

  7. So someone was just taking their dildo for a walk and decided to shove it in your car? Strange!

  8. Good for you for listening to your body. As runners we sometimes get so carried away with our training schedules that we push ourselves too far, when all we really need to do is rest :)

  9. I agree with Sandy... Listen to your body!! As for the penis prank..... WTF? Who does that?


  10. 10 miles is awesome... penis prank is not :)

    Panic button is funny, I always do stuff like that when I get a little shocker or nervous!

  11. Well i agree with everyone else - the 10 miles is nothing to scoff about! :)

    And i can not believe someone put a penis in your car window...i'm laughing, but i know i'd be pissed if it happened to me!

  12. OMG. That is absolutely hilarious (because it didn't happen to me) - but I would be mortified too!!!! But way to go on the awesome 10 miler!!!


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