Friday, July 12, 2013

Randoms and a small survey.

My week has been crazy busy which really has meant something has to give and this week it has been the blog.  and reading blogs. I keep thinking of all kinds of posts to write and now that I am sitting here at the computer...  I got nothing.  I will just go with some randoms from the week instead.

I did take the kids to see Despicable Me 2 which is of course super cute, funny and not as good as the first one.  Spoiler alert.. the little girls get a mommy.  Gru gets married at the end and I may have shed a tear at a kids movie because the little girl was so happy to have a mommy. 

Wednesday I also managed to run a mile in under 8 minutes for the first time since April 28th.  and yes it felt so good!  It was at the end of a 5.5 mile run and the average pace for the whole run was 8:33.  Little victories!

My little sister dropped her phone and it started auto dialing me.  Everytime I answered no one was there, so I would call back and no one would answer.

I finally texted her and told her to quit being a psycho stalker.  She ended up having to turn off her phone to get it to quit.  Weird.

I was really hoping to get up early this morning and run, but alas my husband had to be out early this morning for a prank on a neighbor. so since I have to work today I will have to wait until tomorrow to run now. 

and how about a quick survey.  I am working on a route for a local half marathon,  we want it to end and hopefully also start at the place I work.  We also want to have the route go through a local park that is part of a Billings landmark type area, has beautiful views of the city, great trails, and is a lot higher than the start point.

My favorite route.. kind of has a scary elevation profile and my co chair is worried it will scare people off.  It does have some crazy climbs, but I think if you go into it knowing it will not be your fastest half marathon it shouldn't be that bad.  An alternate route has less elevation gain but also will have to run through an uglier part of town after you just ran three beautiful scenic miles.

Would either of the below elevation profiles deter you from signing up for a half marathon?
Which would you rather do?
A.  which is an out and back with awesome views and nasty hills or
B. which is a loop 3ish miles of scenic and some ugly. 

both go through a beautiful residential area for the last 4ish miles.  Yes, I know that doesn't add up to 13.1, I must be rounding down or something.  Sue me, I left out some non vital info. Seriously just answer the question.

Have you done a hilly half marathon?  if so would you do it again?


  1. The kids have been asking for me to take them to Despicable Me 2 - if it rains next week, I'll take them. I'm so happy you had a sub 8 min mile!!!!

    I did run a super hill 1/2 marathon once - last March - it was so hard but such a victory! I'm so happy you are running again and doing great!!!

  2. hooray, so excited you did a sub-8 again. So awesome! We liked despicable Me 2, as well. Super cute. I don't usually pay attention to elevation charts. Rock n Roll Seattle was pretty hill and I wouldn't do it again. But, just because it's far and pricey. As long as you say it somewhere in the description, I doubt it would deter that many people

  3. Going to see Despicable Me today!

    So glad you are back to running and feeling good.

    I'd do the second route looking at the profile. I don't mind hilly routes as long as I know it going in. Just advertise it as such rather than pulling the typical RD trick, "rolling hills." Hate when they do that!

  4. The Route 66 half in Tulsa is hilly and I've done the Joplin Memorial half which was also hilly. So, yes, I have and yes, I would. I'm a sick freak that actually enjoys hills!! :)

  5. I'd rather avoid the scary part of town and deal with some climbs!

  6. Our local half marathon is hilly and I do it every year. Everyone complains about it but really I love it! I don't think it's too bad either so it's all perspective. I'd rather have option A

  7. Go with the pretty hills, especially if there are plenty of hills in the area. If it's a naturally hilly locale, people should Expect hills!
    However, if there are no noticeable hills in 90% of the area, and it's advertised as a FLAT out and back, and the whole course turns into constant country rollers, expect some complaining (this happened last year- Indiana is flat, so when a course says flat, people expect pancake flat).

  8. Honestly they both don't look that bad. I would go with option A just because it is more scenic. If people don't like hills they should stay home IMO.

  9. I vote for A. I love hills, but also love good views while running, especially a race.

  10. Do the scenic option and I agree that if the local area is hillier then it won't be a surprise to people or probably deter them.

  11. I would rather do an out and back than a loop. I'm not a big fan of repeated loops even if the scenery is good, much less if it's uglier.

    My last full was pretty hilly, so I may be the wrong person to ask. :)

  12. I've been to Billings and if I was running a race there I would expect it to climb one of those cliffs! The scenic route sounds nicest to me. Two climbs might put off a few people, but then some people like an extra challenge. You could always promote the scenery, views and that nice looking downhill finish! (Disclaimer - I've never ran a half marathon...!)

  13. I know how you feel about having ideas, then they are gone when you sit at the computer! So aggravating! I think I would choose A, but I'm not a fan of hills at all. I ran the Dallas Rock N Roll Half and it was way hilly for me...not sure I would run that one again.

  14. I have only ever done one half, and was so disappointed that the last couple of kilometers were a steady incline... very disheartening. I think a hill near the beginning is fine but not near the end.

  15. I'd rather do the hilly scenic route. I don't mind hills as long as I don't think about them too much before I start!

  16. Give me hills over sketchy areas any day of the week!

  17. Great job on the sub-8! That is a major win! I am curious to hear about the prank on the neighbor!


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