Friday, October 3, 2014

Favorites Friday

 I am going to share some favorites today, I haven't for awhile and since I like seeing things other runners love here you go!

1. My friend Billie Jo introduced me to ArmPocket in July right before the Missoula half marathon and it looked so much nicer than what I was using for an armband to carry my phone I bought it on the spot in the local running store the night before the race.  I wore it for the half marathon, and pretty much nearly every run since.  It is big enough that I can put my iPhone inside while it is still in the protective case. 

Plus it has lots of room inside for gels, money, keys, whatever! It is also water reisistant and has a reflective stripe around the outside.
I wore it during my Ragnar relay too

2. Humagels have also been a favorite for awhile. They recently added four new flavors all with caffeine to the lineup.  I bought the raspberry and the lemonade flavors and they did not disappoint.  I love love love  Humagel and am very excited about the caffeinated flavors! I like the boost of caffeine on a long run and during a race.
I think the other new flavors with caffeine are chocolate and mocha.  I am going to have to get those too I think.

3. Handful recently made some changes to the kind of material used and added zigzag stitching. I hadn't been in love with my first made in the USA Handful bra, so I hadn't ordered any for a while, but when I heard about the updates, I figured they had the kinks all worked out and they do!  I can say the new bra I got is perfect and I am in love with the Sky Is The Limit Blue color.  I can't wait for the new colors to come out next year!
See the new stitching vs the old

4. I might have mentioned in one of my recent posts that when I was in San Francisco I finally got to go to a Lululemon store.  I bought a pair of the Run Times shorts and am thinking those might be my new favorite running shorts.  Although at $55 dollars a pair I don't know that I will be buying a whole bunch of them.  I love the length and the fit.
5. I got these great capris from Fabletics and am so in love with the print.  That the capris are great from running and working out in is just another bonus. 
Now I want all my capris is wild and crazy patterns!

What are some things you are loving lately?


  1. I've been wanting to try Handful bras! Glad to hear you like the updated version!

  2. Are you having any issues with the padding in your U.S. made Handful bras? That blue color is gorgeous. Haven't tried any printed capris yet but want to!

  3. I've been really wanting to try Handful bras...just another reminder to just DO IT!! Love Huma gels!!

  4. I need some new sports bras so thanks for the recommendation! I love crazy patterned pants! I just got a new pair from Skirt Sports! Love them!

  5. I've never heard of handful! I will have to look at the website.

  6. Fun post! Go Bobcats! (I noticed your shirt, my daughter's buddy is red shirting at MSU on the women's basketball team this year). I wish I could wear a handful bra…sigh.


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