Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tips for Running on Windy Days

I ran a half marathon for fun yesterday although I am not sure all of it was fun as it was so windy.   EEEK!  Not my favorite.  It wasn't too bad for the first 5 miles, but then it really picked up and made 4 of the last 8 miles seem really long.

I do run in the wind quite a bit, I don't have a treadmill and I don't belong to a gym. I used to look outside and think.."NOPE" but now I just get mentally prepared and pick my route accordingly. Here are my best tips for running in the wind.

1.  If at all possible run into the wind to start with, this is great for several reasons.  It makes for a run with a negative split.  If it is cold out, you get the coldest part of the run done first and it helps mentally to know once you get halfway done the hardest part is over and you can practically fly on the way back.

2. If you have long hair do yourself a huge favor and put your hair into a braid or a bun.  I made the mistake of putting my hair into a ponytail for a windy 6 miles on Saturday.  I was nearly crying trying to brush out the tangles afterwards.

3. Layers are your friend if it is cold out.  I often find that while running with the wind I get warm and lulled into taking off my jacket and gloves, but when I start running into the wind I start getting cold, so if I have to shed layers I make sure to keep them with me.

4. Run cross ways into the wind.  It never seems quite as bad to me this way.

5. Remind yourself how much tougher this is making you and all the extra calories being burned.  Running in tough conditions helps make you stronger mentally and physically.  It also makes those perfect running days seem that much more awesome.

What is your best windy weather running tip?
Would you rather run in the wind or in the rain?
I think I would rather do rain, if it isn't windy or too cold out.


  1. Great windy running tips! I'd rather run in rain, too, if it isn't cold.

  2. Thanks for the windy running motivation! I have (and still do) lived in two of the windiest places ever...and I usually get crabby about it and let it affect my running schedule. I don't have a gym membership or treadmill either so it's time I finally suck it up! I agree with the running into the wind on the first half...and I'd take rain any day as long as it's not cold! Just thinking about windy runs wears me out!! www.homefieldfitness.org/blog

  3. I think you pretty much nailed it! Coming home with the wind at my back is so much better!

  4. We've had some windy days lately, and I have not enjoyed them. Great tips!

  5. Definitely prefer rain over wind! One other tip - wear a hat or headband to keep your hair out of your face.

  6. Living in NM you kind of stop noticing the wind, now when it's strong enough that little pebbles and rocks are hitting you in the face you start to notice and yes I have had to draft on the run of a triathlon here! :-) Now let's talk about you running a half for fun! I love that sentence and some day I will be there. Right now running and I are not besties..

  7. Totally agree about the braid! I actually braid my hair for most runs since it tangles so badly. I would choose rain over wind any day;)

  8. I hate running in the wind, but when you live on the plains, you really have no choice. The braid tip is the best... I've been known to use half a bottle of conditioner just trying to untangle the knots in my hair after a windy run. Awful.


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