Friday, October 17, 2014

Cows, Work and Running

Finally Friday!  The week has been so busy I sat down to blog a couple of times, but busy kept happening!  I usually only work 3 days a week so the last couple weeks of 4 days a week has been a little hard on my house and me, but not horrible.

I am still getting in some good runs at least three days a week and some HIIT workouts.  My kids made out easy this week and only had school two days.  Monday they skipped school to help ship calves and Thursday and Friday were no school days for everyone. The weather has been amazing.

I love seeing my kids big enough and interested in helping work cows. My son in particular really wants to help and insists on wanting to know what he can do to help.  Both kids were on their horses all day yesterday first helping gather cows and then helping in the corrals push cows in the corral to get preg tested.  I had to work yesterday but my aunt sent me this great photo and a glowing report of how great they were being.
here with another cousin

This is pretty much all I saw of the cow action.
By the time I got off work they were taking the pregnant cows to another pasture

I love that feeling of doing something right, these are some great kids and I am so proud of them.  Don't' worry they weren't all work and no play, by the time I got off work and all their work was done I found the boys playing war and practicing their camo
and the little cowgirl was testing out Uncle's horse with her cousin
Lil Cowboy insists on doing as much of his own things as he can with his horse.  You know you have a great kid horse when you can leave him unbridled, walk away for a minute while looking for your halter and then come back and your horse hasn't moved and puts his head down to help get it on.
The kids were hoping to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house but after a bath they fell asleep. Nothing like lots of work and sunshine to wear out a kid!

I am running a half marathon on Sunday.  It is on a course that I did my very first half marathon on four years ago.  Kind of hard to believe this will only be half number 8!  The course has rolling hills and is an out and back.  I haven't been training super hard so I am going into this one with the idea of not killing myself in the first half on the rolling hills like I did the first time I ran it and to run about an 8 minute mile. 

It starts at 10 in the morning which feels a little off to me, and the weather is supposed to be warm with high of 72 so I wish they were starting a little earlier, but whatever. This isn't like a big goal race or anything.  Fun is the goal.


  1. I love it when my kids are tired out from being outside all day:) Granted mine aren't on a ranch, but kids being active makes me happy! Good luck on Sunday:)

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment, especially since it didn't feel like a great two week. I think I just feel guilty that I am not running as much as I know I should be. I always love seeing pictures of your ranch! Makes in-town living look miserable - LOL. Good luck at your half! I have one, too. Not sure how that's going to go!

  3. I wish more kids spent more time outdoors. Love these pics. Your Lil Cowboy always looks so focused when he is doing something. Too adorable.

  4. Your kids are adorable :) Good luck this weekend! 10:00 is a little late, too bad it's not earlier, you would probably have perfect weather. Regardless, good luck!

  5. Your kids have an amazing place to grow up! Good luck and have fun in the half!

  6. So good that your kids are learning how to balance work and play at such a young age. And I hope the nice weather holds for your race. Enjoy!

  7. I want to come visit! it looks so beautiful!


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