Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review

I was sent a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 18s for review purposes through my affliation with FitFluential as an ambassador.  I am not required to give a positive review. 

I had not worn the Wave Riders before so I was excited to get to try out a new to me shoe that I hear a lot of good things about.  My little sister loves them.

First impressions:
This is a beautiful shoe.  I love how the black fades to white and the mint green accents. We didn't get to pick what color we were going to get, but this was easily the color I would have picked so I was very pleased to see them when I opened the box.

aren't they pretty? Pretty isn't what makes a good running shoe though so read on!
To me this shoe looks well made and I like all the attention to detail. They also come in a blue and a pink, both of which are beautiful also.

Comfort: The shoes feel good on. I drift between a size 8.5 and a size 9 (I swear my feet are still growing) when in doubt I size up.  Size nines were a perfect fit. They feel cushiony without overdoing it.   I think the only thing I would change about them is too make the toe box a little wider. I am a big fan of a wide and roomy toe box.

They feel responsive and flexible on my feet.  Have you ever had a pair of shoes that felt like you were running with bricks on? These will not feel like that.  Trust me.  I had a pair of shoes like that once. These feel responsive and hug my feet comfortably.  I am a fan of the Mizuno Wave Technology!

Want to see more views?  Of course you do.

sorry, they are a little dirty, but I was more excited about running in them than taking pictures right away
I did several runs in them and then decided to run a half marathon in them.  I had a little rubbing on the outside of  my big toe, but other than that they felt great for the whole 13.1 miles. I didn't feel like my heel was sliding around and I loved that I didn't have to adjust the laces, it was like they were set up for me.

I think Cola wishes he had some so those pesky goat heads won't get in his paws
I am two days post half marathon and feel great, I like to think part of that is my training and part these great shoes.

Mizuno bills the Wave Rider 18 as a great light weight every day trainer.  At 7.8 oz it is currently one of the lightest shoes in my running line up.  It has the Mizuno U4IC midsole.  What is that you wonder?
 U4ic midsole delivers optimal shock attenuation, durability and a superior ride that's 30% lighter than AP+. Innovatively light and well cushioned, discover your next brilliant run with U4ic. (from their site)
I learned a new Japanese word while working on this review.. "Hado" which means "the intrinsic vibrational life force energy that promotes powerful transformations".  It is a concept adopted by Mizuno.  I love it.  They create beautiful, functional shoes that help people transform their lives through the possibility that comes running. 

What is your favorite running shoe colors right now?
Have you tried these shoes before?
Have you ever picked shoes for their color? I have.. not always a good decision.

These shoes retail for $119, I was provided with them for this review. This is a review sponsored through my affliation with Fitfluential.  All opinions are my own. I will be wearing these out.


  1. I love all the fun colors out there right now:) I never pick a "running" shoe just for color. Luckily my "go-to" shoe comes in lots of fun colors:)

  2. Great review! I especially like the photos you took-- great idea to set them on your fence post and let the outdoors be your backdrop. If I ever do another shoe post again, I may have to borrow that idea... :)
    I'm a fan of blue, turquoise and gray for shoe colors when they are among the color options, but typically don't let color be the final sway in purchasing running shoes. my current shoes are primarily gray with coral and orange accents. Meh. it was the best of the color options available. That's how it goes sometimes!

  3. I love my Mizunos. I've been running in the Inspire. The heel is a great fit and I adjusted to the smaller toebox pretty quickly after coming out of Sauconys. Turns out I had too much room in the front of those (hence the mean blisters). I love seeing other people love Mizunos. :)

  4. I've worn Mizuno Wave Riders and like the way they fit, too. I like the dark color - I run on dirt a lot. Enjoy your new shoes!

  5. I am running in Mizunos but a different model - those DO look like your colors!

  6. The colors are much better on this model. I got a review pair also - so far not bad, though the instep is a bit narrow for my big feet, we'll see if it stretches at all. Nice review.

  7. I run in Mizuno Wave Inspires...love love love (except one year they made them too stiff). My current pair is a raspberry color. I changed shoes one time and it almost crippled me with severe Achilles issues. And, this was a pair recommended after a professional consult. It's scary how the wrong shoe can make such an impact!!

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