Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just a day in the life, but I did run.

I started out the day really good.. it is a day off work and I had plans to get things done!

I woke up at 3, and tried to fall back asleep, but somewhere in the night the bed had gained some more sleepers (both kids) and I was hot and crowded,  I rolled out at 3:30 to go and make coffee.  I discovered I was all out of grounds and only had whole beans. 

I filled the grinder up with coffee beans and tried to muffle the sounds by covering it with towels and my sweatshirt.  It helped a little, but still sounded way too loud.  I was trying not to wake up anyone else.

I did Christine Felstad's Intermediate Yoga for runners.  and almost made it through the whole hour and a half.  Everyone else got up early too, so I made breakfast and helped the kids get ready for school. 

Runty watched me do yoga for awhile, but eventually fell asleep in her little nest

After they left I cleaned out my closet, my room, the living room, put away some laundry and then picked up my book.  I knew I shouldn't have. I was just planning to read a chapter.  I usually reserve reading for right before bedtime because I can sit and read for hours.  If I read at bedtime I am pretty good about putting it down after half an hour so I can get a good night's sleep.

Two hours later I was still reading my book.  I got up put on my running clothes and then picked my book back up.  Eeek!
I read this book years ago, it's still a page turner

I did manage to limit reading time to another half hour and then I made myself clean the kitchen and dining room before heading out for a very windy run. The plan was 7 miles easy.  My Garmin was beeping low battery at me.  Nice. 

I briefly considered using the elliptical instead, but Instagrammers posting their runs sealed the deal and out the door I went into the gusty wind.

I stopped at one point to tie my shoe and noticed Cola sitting there looking hunched up.  Pretty soon he started vomited bile.  I waited until he was done and then we headed home.  5 windy miles.  5 super windy miles.  I was glad I braided my mane. 

I ate a little lunch and was just sitting down to blog when I got a call from the school saying I had a sick kid. So I left to go get my sick kid in my running get up.
so matchy matchy, note even my bra peeking out matches my shoes.

It is an hour round trip to the school and back, so by the time I picked her up, visited with the secretary about running and got home I felt like most of the day was gone.  Happily for me I don't have to cook supper tonight as we are going out to dinner with family. (unless my "sick" kid is still "sick")(She has already assured me she will feel better by then so I am not planning to cook)

I do miss those days sometimes when I could sit in the chair all day with my book and a cup of tea and read the hours away, but I know in another blink of an eye my kids will be all grown up and I will have that time again.

 Until then I will be busy cleaning up overturned bottles of glittery blue nail polish from my dresser (true story, happened this morning, the cleaning part anyway, not sure when it spilled.  Maybe yesterday?) and picking up little orange rubber bullets and yellow foam nerf bullets in all corners of the house.

At least I got in my 5 miles.


  1. I remember the nerf bullets. My youngest are teens now! Enjoy them while they are still little! I loved the thornbirds mini series way back when. Never read the book.

  2. OMG, I love the Thornbirds so much that I even have the The book is really good.

  3. Haha, sounds like my life! Picking up all kinds of odd things from every square inch of the floor... :)

  4. My days off during the week are always filled with so much cleaning. I always hope that I'll sit down and read but never do. As you said, the day goes by to quickly! At least you got the run in :)

  5. Your day in the life made me smile :) I'm sure life is hectic with kids but I know you wouldn't trade it!

  6. Runty is too cute!!! I hope Cola is ok!

  7. Wow busy lady;) Glad you were able to get your run in even if it was cut short:)

  8. It is always the case when you are up early...that everyone else seems to do the same!! I hope your pup and child are feeling much better! Yes the list seems endless of to dos but yes it will one day all too soon be short!

  9. Wow what a day!! Glad you still got some miles in! I know what you mean about missing that alone time but I also try to soak every minute in because the day will come I will miss the moments of finding a teeny tiny little sock squished in between the couch cushions because he hates wearing them! :-)


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