Thursday, October 9, 2014

Because really...Why Not?

I thought when I had kids I would be doing all the teaching.  Teaching them how to live, eat, be healthy, dress for school,  etc.  I, of course, was wrong.  Sure I teach them plenty of things, but they teach me things too.

I call it the "Because why not" lesson.

My son is playing flag football so I got him some athletic type pants and shorts suitable for playing flag football in. They sit in the dresser at home and he plays in his Wrangler jeans.  I tried to assure him he would be more comfortable in the clothing designed for playing sports in, but he wasn't convinced.  I pointed out the other kids wearing theirs. He didn't care.  At that point I decided, why not?

He plays pretty damn good in his Wranglers and it makes him happy.  How can I argue with that?

Cowboys just like their jeans I guess! At least they got out of their boots! but no smiling
My daughter recently picked out a beautiful "party dress" at Costco that is blue, frilly, glittery and very fancy. She wanted to wear it to school.  On a normal school day.  I said no, it's for the holidays and fancy occasions.  She persisted.  I pointed out she might be a little overdressed for school.

She wore it to school. I wish now I would have taken a picture she did look so beautiful! Now she wants more dresses to wear to school everyday, because why not?  I am not going to buy her more fancy dresses (she is spoiled enough) but what's the point of saving a dress she will grow out of in a year for only 2 or 3 occasions anyway.  Want to wear it to school?  Why not? 

Obviously the why not factor has some limits, especially when I come up with valid why nots.

I was wavering on signing up for an October half marathon, feeling a little guilty about wanting to do a run when I just came back from a big one, but then I decided, why not?  It won't be a fast one, I don't feel like I have run consistently since the Bozeman half in the beginning of September.  I know I can do it though since I ran 13 miles Monday, so really why not?

Not every race effort needs to be a top of my game race, and after reading Miss Zippy's post about finding the joy in your racing I am sold. I do love running races.

It's local, cheap, and I love half marathons.  There won't be another until next spring and I really wanted to do three this year.  I can't come up with any "why nots" that sound convincing to me so..YAY!

What have you said why not to lately and done it?


  1. Aww your little football cowboy is super cute. Maybe he knows something we don't about playing in jeans? Kinda like the guys I see on the lakefront running in jeans lol

    That's so cool your daughter has a strong sense of style and what she likes :) I wish I was more like that jnstead of trying to fit in a mold like my friends.

    Wahoo for another half! Why not is right! You're fit and winter is coming. Might as well enjoy the fall while you can!

  2. I think that's awesome that you let your kids make some of their own decisions like that. I don't have kids, but that's one kid-related issue that I feel strongly about. Kids SHOULD get to choose what they wear! :)

  3. I'm going to run my 14th half for this year on Sunday, so I've said a lot of Why Nots! No, they were not all PR races but I enjoyed every last one of them! It's my favorite distance and I like to race as many as possible. WHY NOT? I've started a blog to try and keep up. Check me out when you get a chance ( I love your posts and will continue to follow you!

  4. I totally get this post! I would do well with a little why not in my life when it comes to my kids!! Good reminder here...not to sweat the small stuff and to filter my "NOs!!" and try saying "YES" more often!

  5. I think everyone should do their decision making based on "because, why not?" We would all do a lot more things, maybe have more fun and certainly make more memories. Kids hear no enough. Because, why not? (unless it's unsafe, illegal or hurtful) is a much better response. :)

  6. He is definitely 100% cowboy... haha! So cute! I love the idea of why not? Hmmm... i'll have to think about that. :)

  7. Your little ones are so cute... yep, why not?

  8. I love the wranglers! There is a guy who runs the lake near my house in jeans. I can't imagine they are comfortable, but it's better than not exercising at all!

  9. My husband has been bugging me to go to Vegas, so I finally said 'why not' and booked us a trip.! I am excited now cause I have never been there. I love that people let their kids wear what they want these days... I see little guys in super hero costumes and little girls in tutus and tiars a lot here - it's fun. And I agree about the dress for your daughter... she is gonna outgrow it so fast!

  10. Love this post. We definitely get hung up on our own predefined "rules" sometimes, and it's so ok to live outside of them!

  11. I have lots of why nots, mostly travel related. I went to Antarctica in December, because really, why not?!


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