Saturday, March 7, 2015

February Highlights

I ended February with 131.1 miles which brings the total for the year up to 248.44.  So even though I felt like I spent a lot of days on the elliptical due to the cold and snow and miserable conditions, I still had more miles outside than January (117ish). I can live with that, and I did pretty good with my speed workouts. 

I sort of fell off the P90X3 wagon... not sure how it happened just did.  I liked it, but felt like there was so much talking going on.  I am used to doing very intense HIIT workouts and while I found them a challenge they started to bore me a little, with all the talking. I have gone back to doing HIIT workouts more. 

I have continued to be very diligent doing my yoga and I can tell!  I love how good I am feeling, I especially notice it in my back and right leg at night with the lack of pain/burning in my leg.  It's so great.  It is why I recommend yoga to everyone. 

I participated in the Take the Leap yoga challenge with Sweatpink and Prana for most of February and did pretty good with it until things got busy, (same time I fell of the P90X3 bandwagon)  I was still doing yoga everyday I just wasn't remembering to post it on Instagram.  Cola participated a little too.

Capping off February with the Women's Conference in Chico was a perfect way to end the month, new friends, running, sister time, and learning new things.
and a comparison of beef with other popular protein sources and what 25 g of protein looks like.

What was your February highlight?  Mine was the conference in Chico for sure!
What is your favorite protein source?  Mine is of course ... beef!


  1. Great post, Christy! Wow you had a really awesome month! I have been doing yoga as well and I love it and always feel like I need to add more into my routine. That's it-- TODAY I am going to do some yoga!!! I did that Breath of Joy sequence with my second-graders at school and they LOVED it! :)

    I have seen this beef graphic before and I love it. Beef is definitely bang for your caloric buck! Although I do love all of those other foods, too. Have you researched the BOLD or BOLD+ diets at all? Also, if you have any favorite beef recipes, I would love to know what they are! Always looking for new ideas...

    OK. longest comment ever posted! This is what happens when Katie has too much coffee... :)

  2. Great job for February! I'm happy with my miles too, especially in light of the horribly cold conditions we had. I still took 75% of my runs outside.

  3. Great job this month! I think a lot of talking on the P90X videos would drive me nuts too :)

  4. We tend to eat beef more often during warm weather when we throw a filet on the grill. That graphic really puts it into perspective.

  5. Just don't like beef. Haven't eaten it since 1991. I used to eat wild game but since I haven't in awhile, my stomach does not approve of it anymore!

  6. I love the photo of Cola doing yoga with you! My favorite protein is probably beans. I do like beef, but find that it is not something that I cook that often. However, I eat beans probably 2-5 times per week.

  7. That's a ton of miles! I'm impressed! I so need to be better about yoga...I always tell myself that but find it difficult to work into my workouts. Interesting graphic. I don't eat beef too often, maybe once a week, but lots of chicken.

  8. Cola's upward dog is cracking me up! What a good boy! Looks like he's actually trying! :) I'm so glad to hear that it's helping. I swear by yoga for back pain. Classes were cancelled last week for our instructor's vacation and I can tell... When you do it twice a week for a month and a half and then miss a week.... well.... you can FEEL it.


  9. You always have the best Instagram pictures. I need to channel some of your creativity.

    I do like beef and other meats, but if I could get all my protein from peanut butter without also getting a billion calories, I would be one happy camper. :)


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