Monday, March 16, 2015

Run to the Pub Half Marathon Race Recap

I didn't have a lot of expectations going into this race except that my pace would probably be in the high 7:40s low 7:50s for pace per mile and I would finish feeling strong.  The weather was in the low 50s at the start, windy, partly cloudy and warmed into the low 60s by the finish.  I decided I would recycle my race outfit from 2 years ago.  I haven't worn it since then so why not?

thanks to Kiley from Daily Vitamin F for the picture.  She just had a baby girl so she couldn't run it this year.
I went up to Bozeman after work on Friday to stay with a friend, but before I left work I dropped my phone for the 1000th time and it shattered.  Shattered, with the case on.  It was workable, but only if I wanted glass slivers in my fingers.

My playlist for the half was on here.  So I did what any reasonable person would do and updated my phone to the new iPhone 6.  I had been looking for an excuse to do it anyway. Just not when I was headed out of town!

Luckily the ATT store wasn't busy and I was helped right away.  I then went over to City Brew and had a cup of tea while downloading all my apps and my running music.  The drive to Bozeman was uneventful, I met up with Billie Jo at the Bozeman Running Company and we picked up our packets and did some shopping.

We had what is now a tradition with us wine and steaks for supper then headed over to her husband's grandfather's house for the night.  He has the coolest octagon shaped house that he built himself.  I wish now I would have taken some pictures.

As I was getting ready for the race Saturday morning I put on my Garmin and was greeted by a blank screen.  I KNEW I had charged it so the battery couldn't be dead could it?!   I did a reset and was greeted by weirdness and crazy screens like this.

After several more resets it decided to function normally. Seriously first the phone then the watch?!  I was hoping it wasn't a sign of things to come.

I caught the bus out to the start and cycled through the porta potties twice, visited with some people I knew and did a warmup.  I was feeling pretty good.

The gun finally went off and I was somewhere near the middle of the 1,100 runners and felt like it took forever to get across the start line and then spent a lot of time weaving through people the first mile,

The first three miles were uphill AND into the wind. The first mile went by pretty fast in that race adrenaline sort of way.  I was really feeling it by the third mile and had to keep reminding myself it would be downhill soon!  Some of the wind gusts were pretty strong.  I was counting down until we turned and ran crossways with the wind for awhile.
Mile 1  8:10
Mile 2  8:16
Mile 3  8:25

When we finally did it was a big relief and my legs started to recover a bit from all the uphill and wind fighting.  My pace picked up and I finally had a mile under 8 minutes.

The downhill felt good, but I also noticed that I didn't really feel that easy spring in my step.  I had written the feeling off earlier when I was running uphill and into the wind, but running downhill with the wind wasn't feeling as easy as I thought it should.  Still I thought at this point I could still pull off goal pace.

Mile 4  7:46
Mile 5  7:40
Mile 6  7:34,
Mile 7  7:39
Mile 8  7:40

Then I hit the hills around mile 9 and 10,,, and it was rough!
Mile 9 8:14
Mile 10 8:43

My legs just felt spent and I had my slowest mile an 8:43 ... I knew this would kill my average pace and it killed my goal of a 7:40 something pace. but I was still hoping for a sub 8 average pace, and I knew the rest of the route was downhill.

Mile 11  7:58
Mile 12  8:16
Mile 13  8:08
Last .10 (or .14 according to Garmin) 7:51 pace

The last two miles despite being downhill I just couldn't get under 8 minute miles.  I haven't decided if I am just not in as good of shape as I thought I was or if it was an off day.  I took one Humagel at mile 6 and had my Cocogo in my hydration belt.  I drank about 8 oz of it.

I remember feeling hot from about mile 6 on.  I am not acclimated to running in warm weather!

I got across the finish line and felt like I had given it my all, I grabbed some water and drank nearly the entire bottle before getting my medal.  I grabbed 4 little Cuties oranges and ate them while sitting on the curb.

My friends had run the 10k and after we hooked up we went and had breakfast for lunch and a great little spot called Nova on Main Street in Bozeman and had a great time talking and catching up on life.  We did not win the trips to Dublin,  I guess we will have to try again next year!

Offical time 1:45:37
I ended up 17th out of 206 in the 30-39 age group and 43 out of 559 women.  So really not too shabby.    I can be happy with that.

This is a great half marathon and growing! Most of it is run through the country side with beautiful views of the mountains. Both times I have run it the weather was beautiful. The t shirt is a long sleeve tech shirt, you also get a pint glass and of course a fabulous medal.  There is beer and music at the finish,  Post race snacks were light with bananas and oranges, but all I like it oranges post race anyway.

Hmmm so what is next?
I have the Women's Run in May on the schedule for sure.  It is a 5 mile race.  and I confess as I was typing this my little sister and I were also texting about what halfs we were looking at doing next.

 There is a local one here in 8 weeks.  I am pretty tempted!


  1. Great job on your half in spite of all those technological glitches! That would have messed with my head!

  2. The technology gods were not working with you! Congrats on a nice race--I think you did a fantastic job! And you looked great doing it, too.

  3. Well done! Curse the electronic gremlins!!

  4. I've had some problems with my Garmin too. Very frustrating before a race!
    I like your reason for getting a new phone. I should drop mine too!! :)
    Well done on your race. When there is wind, it makes everything harder. This wasn't just a good race, it was a tough workout!

  5. Great job Christy! So annoying about the Garmin, glad you got it working:) I haven't had any issues yet with my new Garmin 220, it's the best thing ever!

  6. Oh my goodness, how frustrating that you had to deal with both phone issues and Garmin issues going into the race! That is the worst feeling. The weird symbols on the Garmin look really freaky, too. Great job on still pulling together a great race despite all the distractions! I can only imagine how gorgeous the scenery must have been in Bozeman with the mountains. Love the race outfit, as well!

  7. You're in awesome shape so must have been an off day. You still did awesome though! My phone has been cracked for a while thanks to my son and I keep wandering when it's going to get bad enough that i can't swipe it! Bummer you had to deal with both of those technical difficulties!

  8. Wonderful job and I love your outfit! I would have freaked out over the phone and Garmin, but I'm glad you were able to upgrade and get the watch working again.

  9. I really missed out!! I know I keep saying that, but man, the weather was perfect (aside from the wind, especially after you finished) and I was just starting to get a collection of those pint glasses. NEXT YEAR!! Also, I can't remember, but did you follow a training plan, or just go by feel? If you are going to run that half in 8 weeks, what would you say if I asked if I could write up a training plan for you? (I'd love to get more experience using my RRCA coaching cert...and see you get a PR!). Let me know, no pressure. Good job on the race, glad I got to see you [run by]!

  10. Wow! First your phone and then your Garmin... but happy for you that it started working again. Sounds like a fun time and you look great in your GREEN!

  11. It's hard to race in warmer weather (for me it's the humidity) but I think you did an awesome job anyway!! Congrats.

  12. Congrats! Love the green :) I think hills....especially when coupled with wind....can really take it out of you, my guess is your splits are a reflection of that and not your fitness level. I can't believe all the trouble with your phone and watch....but yay for the iPhone 6!

  13. Congrats on your half despite the phone and the Garmin going awol on you. So sorry to hear the race didn't go as planned- I can totally empathize with you because I felt like I should have gone a bit faster in my race too. Sometimes we just have those days where the pep in our steps is non existent and it really sucks when it happens on race day. The course sounded beautiful and you looked fab in your outfit! My next race is also a 5mile (8k) so we are race twinsies right now. Im sure we will rock our 5 milers!!!

  14. Running in the wind -- even when it's a crosswind and not a headwind -- is always draining. I'm sure that had something to do with your slower-than-expected pace. Even so, those are some solid placings, so you definitely shouldn't be disappointed! Plus, your outfit was cute. :)

  15. Congratulations!!! Nice race!!!

  16. Bummer about all the technological issues! The first few weeks of warm weather are definitely the roughest, great job just sticking it through and giving it all you could.


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