Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sore, Unbroken, and New Plans!

After taking Sunday off to rest I ran yesterday and talk about stiff, sore legs! It felt pretty good once I got warmed up, but I had muscles I didn't even realize were sore decide to feel sore.  Like my hamstrings.  I ran an easy 6 miles. After having weather into the 70s over the weekend yesterday's cold gray skies and freezing wind was a bit of a letdown.
But the landscape is starting to green up and soon things will be green instead of shades of brown.

I finally got to watch Unbroken last night.  I read the book several years ago and then recommended it to everyone I knew.  It comes out of Blu-Ray and DVD on March 24th.  How I got on a list to get an advanced copy I will never know, but I did.
I was worried at first it was only Blu-Ray and I would have to go to someone else's house to watch it, but it came with a DVD also.  Yay!  The movie was excellent.  They of course couldn't capture all the details of the book and had to leave out a lot of the story, but Jolie did a great job capturing the story.  I of course cried at the end.  Such a great story and I love that in the end he chose forgiveness over hate.

I had an offer from another runner to write me a running plan for my next half marathon.  I accepted.  I guess this means I better sign up for another.  It also makes me a little nervous to have to be accountable.. I usually just loosely follow a plan,  I think it will be good for me.  I will share more about it as it develops.

and a parting picture of my little Cola dog who is no doubt giving me this look because I ran so slow yesterday!
Have you ever had a running coach or someone else write you a training plan?  Did it make you work harder?
Have you seen Unbroken or read the book?  I have done both now.  I am always a fan of the book over the movie, but I love how movies bring the book to life.


  1. My crossfit coach wrote my marathon training plan last fall. My first marathon was such a disaster that I figured her plan couldn't be any worse. The plan was amazing. I had a great outcome, a huge PR. IT was hard to let go of control of my training, but now I know it was the totally right thing to do!

  2. Cola is so cute! I read Unbroken years ago when it first came out and I also saw the movie. I like the book much better but the movie was good:)

  3. Cola! What a face!! I listened to Unbroken. It was amazing. I have yet to see the movie. Training plan, I toss this one around, I think it would hold me more accountable. When I'm serious I will follow one I'll continue to toss it around. Will be fun to see how you progress!

  4. I haven't worked with a coach yet, but I would love to! I love helping others, but I have a hard time coaching myself. I have Unbroken on my list...haven't gotten to it yet :)

  5. I am in the middle of reading Unbroken now. Books always seem to be better than the movie so I just read for free (thanks public library) and save $20. :) I had a coach and the training plan part was awesome. It kept me accountable, and I got feedback on how things went. Coaches can see issues before you can. Plus it took the guesswork out of figuring things out myself and the workouts were usually tougher than I would have given myself.

  6. I read Unbroken a couple of years ago and really liked it! However, I generally like the book more than the movie, so will probably not watch the movie for a while...I did enjoy the way that Gone Girl was made into a movie though, so I will probably give Unbroken a chance one of these days.

  7. I love your Cola pictures. I think Unbroken is probably my favorite book ever.


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