Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ranch Life and New Running Shoes

My kids were very excited Saturday to be out chasing cows for the first time this year on their horses.
Cows are generally always happy to move to greener pastures and headed out nicely.
The next pasture was greener indeed!  It was a field of winter wheat and they were pretty sure they could stay there and eat all day.  It seemed to take forever to move them the almost 2 miles across the field.

heads down busy eating!  Moove girls, mooove!
Once we finally did and had them in a big bunch again it was time to...

push them down the hill into the corral.  I thought the contrast between them all bunched up (above) and all strung out (below) was fun.  It was only minutes apart.  I was telling my kids there that really we were in the best spot as below they were running past the corral at a rapid rate and all we had to worry about was pushing the back of the herd.
We regrouped at the bottom and drove them back uphill into the corral for vaccinations that will protect their babies from diarrheas.

I have been wanting for months to get the Altra One2 shoes, but I didn't want to pay full price for them.  I received a 40 dollar voucher for Amazon the same day I saw them go on sale for 25% off on Amazon.  Coincidence?  I got them for $35!  Whoop!

Good things come to those who wait and stalk them on line.  I love them.  I did a 7 mile run in them with no issues and love how cushy they are.  I can't wait to race in them.  Zoom!  They are light!  To test them out I signed up for a 5k this weekend.
What would you like to know about cows and or beef?  Ask away!
Do you have fast shoes for racing or do you just wear the same shoes for everything?


  1. I'd love to hear more about your daily ranching stuff! Ranch life fascinates me-- when I was kid, I wanted to work on a ranch :)

  2. I love hearing about what it's like to live on a ranch! So cool. Love the new shoes! I ran in Altras for awhile and really liked them. And way to go on getting them for $35 :)

  3. Christy, I love that you're posting more about the ranch side of your life! I totally believe that farming/ranching and fitness can go together-- you are proof of this! Also, look on FB for the group called Farm Girl Fitness Boot Camp. They have some cool posts from time to time. :)

  4. ahhh - I love cows. Vegetarian here - so definitely no beef question for me. My only question would be, "Can I just take them all home to be my pet?" :)

  5. I just love seeing pictures from your house!!! It is just such a stark contrast to my surroundings and it is just so cool!!! I love that you signed up for a race to test out your shoes!!!! Awesome!!

  6. Your pictures are always so pretty. You do live in God's country out there. And I love Altras--glad to hear you are liking them, too, AND that you got such a killer deal!

  7. Love these beautiful pics... and those new kicks are pretty snazzy. Love the color! They look like they have a nice roomy toebox.

  8. Holy smokes $35 what a steal!! How come Amazon doesn't send me vouchers? I only spend like $10k a month on that site :) I love your pics. All those cows and the blue sky so very cool!

  9. Love your ranch photos! And anytime I can get quality shoes for cheap---I'm STOKED! Good find!

    I want to know if you do any milking of your cattle at all. My brothers own 1000 cows and thousands of cash crop acres and they milk their herd. Do you all? Or are they strictly ranch cattle?


  10. Love the cow moving story and the pictures. Mooooove girls moooove. So fun getting glimpses into your ranch life. Your little cowgirl looks so happy!!

  11. So cool! I always love looking at your pics:)

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