Thursday, March 12, 2015

Three Things Thursday: Throwing it Back

1. I am trying to decide what I am going to wear for the Run to the Pub Half Marathon this weekend. It is supposed to be in the high 40s, low 50s at the start with a high of 64 or so for the day.  That means shorts and a tank!  I had originally planned to wear my Team Beef Montana tank, but after discussing it with two fellow Team Beef ladies, we decided we wanted to dress in St Patricks theme for the race.  (disclaimer.. it's Thursday which also makes it throw back Thursday so I am going to have a lot of older pictures, sorry, not sorry)

Is it lame that I am thinking of wearing the same thing I did 2 years ago for this race?
I really like it, and don't want to spend money on more things I will only wear once
Do I really care if it is lame? I'm waving my hands in the air, like I just don't care... because I don't!
dear big headed person... get out of my picture!
 2. My little sister ran this race with me two years ago, she can't this year.  Insert sad face.  She is running a half on the same day though in Virgina!  and she gets to run on Team Beef Montana with me for a run when she is here in May..  YAY!  My older sis will be participating also.  I will run the 5 mile and then grab my daughter and run the 2 mile with her.  Avery gets to run on Team Beef Montana also. 
Sister power!

 3. Not related to running, well actually it is, my son's class last year learned about the Iditarod and picked mushers to follow.  He picked Richie Diehl and we tracked him at home too.  We were really rooting for him.  Last year he finished 14th.  We have been cheering him on again this year and are all in!  We check his progress multiple times a day.  So far he has been as high as 20th and as low as 52.  Right now he is sitting 19th and has over 300 miles completed.  He is down to 12 dogs from 16.  My daughter decided to start following a girl musher, she of course picked the one that was winning at the time. 

Happy Running!

 Do you recycle themed race outfits?
Ever followed the Iditarod? Last year was my first and I am hooked!


  1. Cute outfit! The iditarod is so amazing! I don't follow it, but the dogs are so awesome:)

  2. No shame in recycling race outfits! Plus, that outfit is SO CUTE!!! I also really, really love the Run like a Girl shirts that you and your sisters are wearing! Where can I find one of those?!

  3. I would say recycle away!! It's so cute and when else are you going to wear a shirt about shaking your shamrock?! Our third grade follows the Iditarod. Did you know they had to delay it because of lack of snow!? We could have shipped some up to them!!

  4. Shake Your Shamrock outfit! It's cute. I'm thinking about wearing the exact same sparkle skirt at my half this weekend! It's not St. Paddy's day themed, but what the heck.

  5. Whatever you wear, you need to post it before the race so I know what to look for!

  6. I'd recycle...I'm running a themed race but I'm not much of a costume kind of gal. Especially for a half. I do have a new kelly green running top I'm wearing.

  7. That outfit is awesome! I'd definitely recycle it -- it's way too cute to wear only once. Good luck and have fun!

  8. Definitely RECYLE that outfit. Bright and cute and that green is awesome on you!

  9. I say recycle it! And I love that the sisters all run together. Sister power!


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