Monday, March 9, 2015

Total Body Tabata

If you know me at all you know I workout at home and I LOVE doing high intensity interval training so when HumanX by Harbinger asked my if I wanted in on their   Total Body Tabata campaign I was all in!  They sent me some gear as well to try out and I put it to the test.  The fun part is you can win the gear I was sent.  Check out the details HERE

What is Tabata anyway?
  • Tabata is a form of HIIT (high intensity interval training) it consists of 4 minutes of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for a total of 8 rounds.  So it is SHORT!  This makes it ideal for squeezing in a quick workout.
Why Tabata? You can check out a previous post I did on Tabata workouts here
  • Rounds of Tabata can be stacked for 8, 12, 16, etc minute workouts that scorch calories
  • It has been shown to improve aerobic and anaerobic systems
  • It was #2 on the top fitness trends for 2015, #1 was bodyweight training. Tabata can be bodyweight.  They totally go together!
  • It is simple and efficient
  • You can do it at home or the gym
  • Endless move possibilities!
Here is an example of a Tabata inspired workout I did this morning. If you do all 5 sets it is a total of 20 minutes.  Totally doable, if you don't have that much time just do as many sets as you have time for.  Alternate between moves a and b for each Tabata set. Each move will be done 4 times for a total of 8 rounds in each set.

Disclaimer:  I am not a trainer.  I am just a health nut who has made up her own workouts for over a decade and doing HIIT workouts for nearly 5 years.

Set 1
a) Jump rope high knees
b) Jump lunges

Set 2
a) Sit-ups with a twist
b) Reverse crunch

Set 3
a) Deep lunge right leg, curls with resistance band
b) Deep lunge left leg, tricep kickbacks with resistance band

Set 4
a) Kettle bell shoulder press right and squat
b) Kettle bell shoulder press left and squat

Set 5
a) Jump rope high knees
b) Pushups

and here I go through each move Tabata style


Step One:
Follow @humanxgear on Twitter or Instagram–look for the #TotalTabata hashtag to find awesome Tabata workouts from fitness pros & participating bloggers. It’s time to get moving!
Step Two:
Post about your Total Body Tabata workout. Tell us what you loved and/or share a tip for others and tag your tweet/post with #TotalTabata and @humanxgear (p.s we love photos AND videos!). We’ll be giving away gear every Tuesday through the end of March AND a #TotalTabata grand prize pack on March 31st. Each post and/or tweet enters you to WIN.
Step Three:
Fill out this short form so they know how to contact you if you win!

HumanX sent me the AbX, the Competition Speedrope, the PowerAmp FlexFast Cable, and the Kettlebell Arm guards to review.  I was not compensated in any other way for this post.  All opinions are my own.  You can enter to win this gear for your self by participatipating in the Total Body Tabata campaign.

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  1. This was a great post and great video!!! I really like this idea and I might just participate in the challenge!


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