Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4 Food Things I Can't Do

1. Ground turkey or chicken... just has a big eww factor for me.  I like chicken and turkey fine, it is never a first choice at our house.  My husband has a thing against chicken and turkeys (he got attacked by a turkey when he was little, and they used to butcher their own chicken).  I see recipes posted all the time about healthier recipes with ground turkey. 
Enough said for me.. given the option it's ground beef here every time for burgers, meat balls, etc.

2. Zoodles.  Not in my spaghetti bowl please.  Sure it is a fun, different and interesting way to eat zucchini, but it is a poor replacement for spaghetti noodles.  I tried it once.  I was left feeling unfulfilled and like I had been cheated somehow.   If I am going to cheat on my spaghetti noodles, spaghetti squash is the only thing that sort of works.

3. Not to pick on zucchini here but, I saw someone post on Twitter about how great it was in smoothies.  We bantered back and forth, me saying ew and her saying "no really you don't even notice it in there".   I just can't.

I do like zucchini bread so maybe I could, but I am just not ready to go there.  I had a green smoothie once with cucumber in it and it tasted so strongly of cucumber.. in a smoothie..it was too weird for me.  I couldn't drink it all.  That's what I think of when I think of zucchini in a smoothie.

4. Food Babe.  Where to start with that one.  I think her heart is or at least was at some point in the right place with wanting people to eat healthy, but somewhere along the way she got a little crazy.  I hadn't even heard of her until about six months ago.

I got banned from her Facebook page for making a comment that didn't support her position on something.  It was not derogatory, I didn't use bad language.  I wish I would have taken a screen shot of the comment.  I had heard she banned people pretty liberally and they were not joking.

Anyone who disagrees with her is instantly a "paid shill for Monsanto" .  I want to know where my money is if that's the case. As far as I can tell all she wants to do is sell you her book or her eating plan.  Or you can buy something off her Amazon affliate links.   Her biggest detractors are science people. 

Her degree is in computer science and people follow her for her nutrition advice?  Really?!  I have been happy to see lately that the media is catching on to her quackery and this article published on Gawker by the Science Babe is one of my favorites Although if you Google Food Babe news right now there are a plethora of recent articles that come up.

What food things annoy you?


  1. hmmm annoy? NONE ;-)
    cannnnnnt do? MAYO any any MAYO :-)

  2. I have never tried Zoodles or zucchini in a smoothie. I do like spaghetti squash though, and I have put spinach in my smoothie so I may be okay with either one. I really don't like runny eggs and people who lick/suck their fingers and make loud smacking noises while eating (that's food related, right?)

  3. Ugh. Food Babe. Don't even get me started! As for food, I'm not a huge fan of the ridiculous bacon trend. Will has never eaten beef or pork (his mom didn't want him eating either as a child so now he doesn't have the enzymes to digest them) so we avoid those regardless, but I really dislike how bacon is becoming the trendy thing to eat all the time and people are forgetting that there is still a lot of cholesterol in there! It's fine in moderation but some people eat it every single day!

  4. I agree on the zoodles and zucchinni in a smoothie - I can't even imagine the latter. No thanks. On their own they're pretty great, though :) .

    Food Babe? Never heard of her.

  5. I agree on Food Babe. Chic is batcrap cray cray...

    I love zoodles. LOL But then I'm trying to drop weight and you are trying to keep your muscles fueled for long runs & work on the ranch. Different situation. But I do really like them. I also LOVE spaghetti squash and ground chicken/turkey. Different strokes for different folks, right?

    That said, if ever have the chance to meet you----we'll do it over a big old slab of BEEF! :)

    Have a great day!


  6. I haven't even heard of Food Babe but now I'm afraid to look her up should I be banned too :)

    Yep... I tried the zoodle thing myself & was like, This tastes blander then bland.

  7. I just tried spaghetti squash last week and it was pretty good. Haven't tried zoodles yet though;) I've been hearing all about the whole food babe thing but haven't read any of her stuff. Now I will have to go see what the fuss is about!

  8. So much love for this post! I'm with you: there will be no "spiralizing" in my house, even though I know it's all the healthy living blogger thing to do. I do like ground turkey, but also do my share of ground beef. Never had ground chicken! And the Food Babe--what a mess!

  9. We're pretty much ground beef all the way in my house. I don't mind ground chicken or turkey... i guess... but it just needs so much seasoning to give it any taste and it's so dry. It's like trying to flavor and eat cardboard shreds. No thanks. I haven't tried zucchini in either of the ways you suggest. Great idea for a post! Also, Food Babe... not so much. Anyone who makes a living on putting others down is not someone I want in my life, on Facebook, or anywhere.

  10. Labeling foods as good, bad, clean, dirty, etc. Those are just value judgments that we or others place on foods and food-related behaviors and I think it perpetuates self-shaming as well as using it against another person to say they are better with their nutrition choices than others. Makes me nuts.

    Also, zoodles. It always tastes like zucchini and zucchini always tastes like crap. The end.

  11. No mayo in our house. I don't like cucumbers or bell peppers. As you can see, I'm really reaching to find stuff I don't like. I've never heard of Food Babe, but I don't read anything about nutrition.

  12. Great list! I don't like olives or the lite or fat free version, it still has calories, and I'd rather have the satisfying calories of the fat and not the added sugar!!


  14. I do love ground turkey--I can't eat beef, so it works out well for me. But Food Babe sounds annoying....

  15. I enjoy ground turkey, chicken and beef, but will say beef is always my favorite! And get some good grass fed beef- yum...what a difference!

    Food Babe is CRAZY!


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