Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Things I am Loving in Life

The kids were out of school on Monday and after a weekend of my little cowgirl laying on the couch with a fever we were all ready to get out of the house and into the sunshine!   Since my lil cowgirl had been sick I just planned a short hike. We also hunted for cool rocks, saw some deer, found some 4 point antlers and just enjoyed the day.
My heart is so happy watching these two when they get along and are having fun.  True to form, my lil cowboy wanted to hike and hike and hike and his sister got tired legs.
I also recently received another Grainy Day box, this one contained Prairie Farro also known as Emmer and I made Farroto or risotto with farro last night for supper.  It was amazing good. Sorry, not a food blogger so the picture isn't the best, but look how awesome it looks. 
I used rainbow carrots for extra color.  The kids were really suspicious of it, but ended up really liking it too.

I was able to get in a 2.5 mile run before the bus came after work yesterday and then my son ran another half mile with me for a grand total of three miles.  It was so beautiful out.  I love the peacefulness of this picture my daughter took afterwards and in the lower left corner is one of her doll strollers.  It's just all saying so much!
I am so grateful for all these things.  My kids are such a blessing.  I was reminding myself that last night as I was trying to get permanent marker off of the dining room floor.  No idea how my daughter splattered it like that.  Maybe better I don't know.

What are you loving in life right now? Me..
  • my kids, such a great age and such great kids (most of the time)
  • spring
  • running
  • sunshine
  • the outdoors
  • trying new to me foods
  • my new running shoes
  • those InkNBurn shorts


  1. I just love your posts and pictures. Your life looks so peaceful and unhurried! Enjoy those kids!

  2. Every time I read your posts, I'm reminded of how much I love Montana!

  3. I'm loving sitting in my porch swing. This reminds me of the time one of my kids colored my dining room chairs with a purple marker. Ahhh...good times. Enjoy.

  4. What great surroundings you have for hiking! My kids are definitely at the top of my list. I am trying to hold onto every moment with them it seems lately. It goes too fast! and I'm not going to complain about our amazing weather of late, either. I love it!

  5. Great weather! I am loving that even though my kids are teenagers now, we still have fun hanging out together:) They haven't kicked me to the curb yet;)

  6. I love the yoga pose with the knocked over stroller... that's a momma right there :)
    I love dishes when they are so colorful

  7. Awesome post! Love your positive outlook!

  8. I'm loving all of your photos -- such beautiful weather, just like here in Seattle!!

  9. Love the things you love! For me it's many of the same things: Miss K and Baby J; winter's runs (ours are a lot less cold than yours!); our new home; our cleared out cupboards; our new local parkrun... Life is all about the little things! x


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