Saturday, April 11, 2015

Week 3 of the Plan to run a faster half marathon

Another week down and another week closer to my next half marathon in May.  Here is how the week went.

Sunday plan said run 9 miles easy.

What I did  6.2 miles with 6 strides at the end.  (I had traded Sunday and Saturday's workouts due to Easter)

plan said  1 mile warmup, 800s x6 with 800 recovery and 1 mile cooldown

what I did  1.25 mile warmup (getting to a flat spot in the field)
800s x 6 all between 3:15 and 3:20
cooldown 1.55 miles.

These were tough, and it snowed on my the whole time, sometimes I had to break the ice clumps out of my eyelashes so I could see.

total of 8.8 miles

plan said run 12 miles

what I did ran 11 miles,  No excuses.  I just didn't want to run another mile.  I was tired, my legs had no zip, I choose I boring route of out and backs, blah blah blah.

Cola was so embarrassed I quit the run early he wouldn't even look at the camera.  Okay he never likes to look at the camera.

plan said run 5 miles easy with hills

what I did
ran 6.2 miles with hill repeats and 6 strides at the end

Check out the sweet new InkNBurn shorts I bought this week.  They look like jean shorts but are not jean material.  Super comfy.
And the waistband folds down if you want to show off a different look

total miles
plan: 34
actual  32.2
(I was supposed to do a 9 mile run Sunday but did it on the day before instead.. so that didn't help my weekly total)

I also decided I have been feeling rather uninspired in the strength training department lately and logged onto Friday and did the latest workout. 

I loved it.  I forgot how much I love her workouts.  It also made me realize how long it has been since I had a butt kicking workout.  I did two more Saturday morning before my run.  The first one made me want to be sick for a little bit. 

There you have it, another week of the plan done with only slight deviation.  Next week.. I have 1200m intervals and I have to admit I am a little scared of them!  They seem so long compared to 800s which seem so long compared to 400s.  I only have to do four so I can tell a lot of mental pep talking will be going on.

What is your least favorite interval to run?


  1. My coach has me do mile repeats and 2 mile repeats. Nothing shorter. I like speedwork, but the 2 mile repeats are tougher, I really have to learn how to pace myself. It's really good for self discipline!

  2. I love those shorts! I've never tried Inkburn stuff, but they have some really cool clothes.

  3. Those shorts are cool!! Hey I noticed you entered my giveaway - and did lots of bonus activities but you didn't answer the "required" question. Giveaway ends tonight so make sure you go back in and answer that if you want to be entered. Just trying to help you out :)

  4. Cola is awesome! Anything beyond a one lap interval terrifies me. So far I've found ways to have 1/4 with a track 1/3 in a parking lot and a 1/2 on a straight away. Intervals don't always need to be on a track right?

  5. Hey, you are doing GREAT! And Cola too! I think most dogs don't like to look in the camera. Not sure why... do they hear it humming?

  6. You're doing great! Your out and backs are like my speed track bike workouts. Miles and miles of BOREDOM on a quarter mile doing sprints on the straights. I try to keep my mind busy with loud music to kill time.

    Those shorts are ADORABLE!


  7. Those are some great miles!! Love the shorts I love most of their stuff just can't afford it. Intervals in general are not my forte but I really need to get out there and do them, like as of yesterday!


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