Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Then I somersaulted like a drunk chicken

Sunday after I got home from the Purple 5k and the kids got home from their grandmother's house we decided to play a nice family game of kick the can or in our case the bucket.   My husband even joined in on the fun.  After several rounds, Rance was "it" and I picked a hiding spot no one else had used yet.. probably because it was on the other side of the split rail fence that goes around the yard and therefore means wasting time getting through it to get to the can.

I went for it anyway. Rance had found both of the kids and was slowly looking for me and I was staring at his back waiting for him to get far enough away from the bucket for me to make a run for it.  Finally, I made a run for it, but as I crossed the fence he saw me and we started running for the bucket at the same time.

I could see it would be a close race and was sprinting with all I had, when suddenly I was no longer running I was getting instead getting closer acquainted with the lawn.   We still aren't real sure what happened.

One second I was sprinting and the next I wasn't.  I am thinking I hit a low spot on the lawn or something.  I hit hard with my lower left leg just below the knee and then flipped around and skidded on my left shoulder.

Amazingly I only had a few tiny scrapes and my husband after figuring out I was okay told me I somersaulted like a drunk chicken.  He was pretty amazed I wasn't hurting worse than I was as I went down hard!  Kid games are dangerous!

When I ran the next day my knee started to feel really stiff. Here I am pointing towards where I landed on my leg so hard.  I know.  You can't even see anything that looks wrong.
I might as well have said "look at my pretty capris"!

or how about these pretty black pregnant cows who are now in the nursery aka the calving pasture and are due any day now.
In other news... after having my iPhone 6 for 12 days the rear camera quit working.  Only the front or selfie camera works.  Not handy.  Of course by the time I had time to trouble shoot with Apple it was past the 14 days I could have just exchanged it straight across with the AT&T store I got it from so now I have to wait for Apple to mail me a new one, go get that hooked up with AT&T and send my old one back.

What a pain!  Everyone else I know with the iPhone 6 still loves it so I am optimistic the second one will be better.

Back to my knee... after it being stiff at work on Tuesday and today being long run day... I may skip my run today or cut it short depending on how my knee feels when I test it out.  I have a good 6 weeks still until my next half so I am not worried about skipping a long run, especially not when I am in half shape already anyway.

Have a great day!


  1. Drunk chicken?! That's awesome!

  2. you're not bleeding girl!! But seriously...ugh. Put some Arnica Crème on it! it helps the bruising. You are in great shape so a couple days won't hurt :-) feel better soon

  3. Oh wow hope you're ok! Never played but sounds like fun.

  4. I'm laughing because how does one know what a drunk somersaulting chicken even looks like! I hope your knee is OK. And, those ARE pretty caprs

  5. Having been raised with poultry I can imagine what a sight you were! Hope the knee is on the mend!

  6. How could you not read this post after that title! Hope your knee feels better soon.

  7. It is seriously the worst when you have a painful, significant injury with no battle scars to impress people with. Not fair.


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