Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 4 of the Plan to Run a Faster Half Marathon

This was not my best week.

plan said run 1.5 miles then do 1200 x4 with 1200 recovery and 1.5 mile cool down.

What I did..

Well not nothing, but I didn't run.  We helped the neighbors brand and it was so miserably windy out and by the time we got done and finally ate lunch the only thing I could think about was a nap and getting out of the wind.

plan said run 8 miles easy with strides at the end

what I did
I ran 2 miles easy then started doing 1200 intervals.  I got 2 and a half done and my Garmin died.  I finished out roughly 1200 and then ran easy with some strides for a total of about 8 miles.

The week is clearly going great.

Did I mention I woke up Monday with my lower back all mad and feeling like it wanted to go on strike?  Oddly running didn't bother it, just trying to clean the house did.  It was a sign.

plan said run 2 easy, 2 tempo, 2 easy, 2 tempo and 2 easy for a total of ten.

what I did.. wussed out.  That snow and wind was miserable and the thought of running in it made me not want to run at all. I watched Outlander and ellipticalled  (surely that is a word) for 90 minutes which is not at all the same but close to how long I would have been running

Thursday plan said nothing
I ran 3.3 miles after work and it felt amazing
Why couldn't the weather have been this nice on Wednesday!?

plan called for 4 miles easy

I ran 4 miles easy and then did 7 strides for a total of 5.1 miles. It was so beautiful out, perfect running weather!

so I ended up not even close to the 31 miles I was supposed to run this week, but there is always next week.  It was a cut back week but I wasn't supposed to cut back quite so far  to 16 ish miles.  Oops.  Next week will be better!

I am also a little sad that after the Run To The Pub Half Marathon pictures were FINALLY posted and I scrolled through all 647 of them, I didn't find me in any of them.  They had a ton of pictures of getting on the bus, before the start and after the finish. I saw several photographers along the way, but maybe they never saw me, or I didn't take good pictures!

Four weeks until my next half marathon.  I suppose if I am going to get faster I am going to have to have better running weeks than this! Don't worry this week is already better! 

How was your last training week?  Ever not get any race photos taken?


  1. Bad weeks happen! I think your overall consistency will hold more value to one bad week--keep the faith!

  2. Elipticalled is now a word! My training week was unfocused, I just didn't want to run. Yeah, I've not gotten race photos, one of the local RDs has a new photographer and they really aren't good at shooting race photos. Oh well. Once I manage to be infront of a friend who PRd the half and totally cut her off. I feel miserable about being the center of the shot when she should have been.

  3. I always like reading your posts about your training. I learn so much! My week of training was also down more than I wanted. I ran only three days, instead of 4-5 like I normally shoot for. It was just a super busy week with track meets and practice, but on top of that, I kept forgetting to bring essential items with me to school... running shoes and sports bras are both essential for running! So frustrating!

  4. So sorry you had a tough week! I think every runner has those weeks when you just can get in the runs you were supposed to, physically or mentally. Better to step back now than get burnt out. I hope this week is better!

  5. Sometimes it's just crummy like that! But you made the best of it and now it's lovely out there again! Go get it!

  6. I liked the non-snowy picture much better! Yep, I've run races and not gotten a picture. I have yet to have a picture of me crossing the finish line at the Chicago marathon! I hope this week is better for you.

  7. Wow what a week! We've had the winds but now snow. Don't you hate having to sift through race photos!? Somehow I think you're still going to be just fine with your training you are a strong runner and don't seem to stray that often so when life happens you've got it covered!

  8. I can't believe you had snow! Yuck! I have had races with no photos and I am disappointed. But, I am usually disappointed with my race photos anyways so I guess it doesn't matter;)

  9. My husband likes Outlander as well. I watched the first two episodes but haven't gotten farther. I seem to not be able to get past Vikings. It's literally the only show I've been able to watch.

    All the snow and no snow is funny. One day snow, next day melted and sunny!


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