Sunday, April 26, 2015

Log Off Shut Down Go Run Virtual 10K Race Recap

As a Gone For a Run ambassador I was given free entry to their Log Off. Shut Down. Go Run. virtual race.

I originally planned to run this in the morning, but it was very rainy and cold out.  I ran it in the afternoon with a belly full of food, but it wasn't raining anymore.  I of course got a side ache right away.

I put my bib under my long sleeve shirt, because I was optimistic that once I got warmed up, I would want to run in my tank... wrong.

I had a 6 mile run on the plan today with 5 miles of it at tempo pace, so it worked in perfect and I just added on another .2 miles at the end. I was supposed to run the tempo part at 7:15 pace, which considering the hills on the route, I really didn't think would happen, but I was hoping for maybe 7:30 pace.. it went for more like 7:50 pace

Thankfully, even though it had rained all morning, most of the water had soaked in and the road wasn't too muddy. 

6.2 miles in 50:16 for an 8:06 pace

tempo miles

My kids thought the medal was super cool and noticed it right away hanging with my other medals.
Post race thoughts:
  • I feel a little silly running with  a race bib all by myself.  Maybe if I ran it with a group of people it would feel less silly.
  • The tank and the medal that came with the virtual race were great.
  • The bib, tank and medal were fun to get in the mail for a virtual race.
  • While the medal is awesome I can't decide how it fits in with my other race medals. Maybe I need a collection of virtual race medals vs my half marathon and marathon medals.  The half and one marathon and relay medals I have just mean more to me. They seem harder won.
If you like virtual races and want to participate in their next one the Bad Ass Runner 5 mile, check it out.  They have a nice t-shirt and medal again.

  Their Log Off. Shut Down. Go Run. virtual race sold out so act fast!


  1. How cool -- I had no idea "virtual races" still offered shirts, medals etc. I guess running solo with a bib would feel a little odd. Especially here in city... I would definitely stand out. HAHAHA!!!

  2. I have a couple medals from virtual races, they are on my rack but yeah really have a hard time feeling they are earned. The only ones I do appreciate are for the cause I run and ride for. They were for virtual races supporting fundraising. One is a butterfly, which represents her mother and the other is a little plain however in memory of a friend and fellow runner I lost to Lung Cancer.

    The others I enter because I love the shirt - Lake Nona Pig Run started one last year and the shirt was great and this years even better.

    Honestly I've never worn the bib, didn't really cross my mind, even when I ran with a group of gals for a virtual 1/2 marathon! Super kudos for wearing the bib!

  3. Another blogger and I have been IMing back and forth about this virtual race thing. She wrote a recap and like you, tried to simulate a race environment. I've had a blog post in the tank about virtual races for a while, but I'm afraid to post it because I don't want backlash about my opinions. What you said post-race confirmed what I was thinking. Especially about the medal. There's just something to be said for crossing the finish line and getting that medal placed around your neck. I will say that virtual races for a charity are awesome.

  4. Nice splits! It's been rainy here also and making things very muddy! I like virtual races for the times that there are big holiday races where I want to commit to a run but don't want to deal with the crowds.

  5. Great time! I would also love doing a virtual race with a tank and medal, but unfortunately most don't ship to South Africa, or shipping is just too expensive. Perhaps some day they'll be more common in my part of the world too!

  6. I have a hook only for virtual races... they have the neatest medals!!!!
    I didn't wear my bib because I felt funny in a park being the only one... but it would be neat if you had a group all wearing it!
    I'm totally signing up for the 5 mile race


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