Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Yoga Collective Review and Giveaway

It's no secret I am a yoga fan.  I credit yoga with keeping my out on the road running.  I try to do yoga at least three times a week and I do it all at home so when I was asked if I wanted to try The Yoga Collective free for a year I was excited to try something new.

two of my favorite classes
The website it beautiful and easy to navigate.  Once I sign in, classes are sorted into categories like Heart Opening, Relax and Restore, Super Sweaty Flow, and Inversions to name a few.

Or I can search classes based on

  • Level
  • Duration
  • Teacher
  • Style
  • Focus
Online yoga classes are great for me to add variety to my practice and continue to challenge myself.  I find that it is easy to get in a rut and do the same two videos over and over.  This has really helped. 

You can check out their free online yoga and try it out for yourself.  

The people at the Yoga Collective are going to give two of you a free year also.  So if you do yoga at home, want to do yoga at home or whatever this is for you! 

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  1. I've had a solely at home practice for 4 years now :)

  2. I don't practice now but my doctor is telling me that I need to :)

  3. My yoga practice is currently in need of a makeover. I'm trying to find another studio because I can't find a class that fits my schedule. Needless to say this would be amazing!! (sam@pancakewarriors.com)

  4. I have been looking for a way to boost my home practice for a long time! Studio classes aren't usually in my budget and I moved away from my favorite studio last June. Haven't found a new home yet.

  5. I've doing a video on youtube that was designed for runners. I would like to branch out and get into it more.

  6. I just started doing it a little and these videos would greatly help!

  7. I'm a huge fan of yoga. Been doing it for a long time! It really enhances my running.

  8. Right now I either go to a studio or do free videos on YouTube. I'd love to try this out though!

  9. I practise at home too and try to do yoga at least twice a week. I would do it more if I had a selection of these videos to follow definitely!

  10. Well you are a very strong runner, so I need to give this more than thought. I do stretch but haven't done much yoga. I am still amazed you can nail that side crow pose :) Strong!

  11. I take a yoga class now because I don't have a video and I need something to follow. This would be awesome!


  12. Yes! I also do yoga at home and fall into the "rut" category of doing the same two videos over and over. I'd love to check this out, or WIN! :)

  13. I use a yoga studio but because I work at night, I can't always get to the classes. Doing it online would be great!!

  14. Congratulations to your winners!


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