Friday, April 17, 2015

Three Things Friday (because I missed Thursday)

1. I was off work one of the days mentioned in the picture below.  Can you guess which one?  Hint it's not the one I would have picked!
Yep, I was off on the day that looked like this.
Only that picture makes the weather look nicer than it was.  It was windy and blowing snow and ice straight across.  I got dressed up and went out to run three times.  All three times I turned around and went back into the house.

I like to run in the snow, but it was freaking miserable out.  It's April.  I have survived the dark of winter.  I want to wear shorts and run in the sunshine.  So I spent an hour and a half on my elliptical since I don't have a treadmill and watched Outlander instead.

It felt so good to get home from work yesterday and go for a short run before the kids got home from school.  In shorts and a tank.

2. I found a fun yoga challenge on Instagram with @runnersloveyoga 
It actually started Wednesday so I played catch up yesterday.  Easy since I was only a day behind. This one is all about hip opening.
3. and finally...Happy Birthday to my Poppa!
Super blessed to have such a great Dad. 


  1. That's a great photo of you and your dad! :)

    Boo to the late snow storms! I'm still waiting for it to snow one last time here. I know it will lol. It's crazy how the weather can change so dramatically around here. Never experienced that in Florida- it was always very gradual. Here's to many more shorts runs!!

  2. Those shorts in the yoga photo are super cute! Who makes them?

  3. Brrrr... just reading about it makes me cold. I think here in Kansas we are mostly down with winter but not so sure in Minnesota. We will see next week. Happy birthday to your dad! Love this photo.

  4. Nice wedding photo! I so need to do a yoga challenge! It's usually the first thing that falls off my list when I get busy!!


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