Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 2 of the plan to run a faster half marathon

First of all, hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  My kids had two egg hunts. One at home in the morning and one at my parent's house later in the day.  No easy hunt at the parent's this year, we hid them in the grass good and then each kid could only find a certain color.

no drama with this girl ever.
Running this week started great with a 5k PR and then I fell and hurt my knee so I took a couple days off, including my long run.  The rest of the week I felt  awesome.  I had that spring in my step I haven't felt in a long time.  I LOVE IT.

plan said 1 mile warmup, 6 miles tempo at 7:15 pace, 1 mile cooldown

what I did   1 mile warmup
                   3.1 mile race at 6:37 pace
                   2 mile cooldown total of 6.1 miles

I actually had planned to run more after the race, on the way back to my car at tempo pace, but lets face it, after running a 5k PR I was tired.  And a friend wanted to run back to the start to our cars with me and I didn't want to tell her I no.

  plan said 8 miles easy with 5-7 strides

what I did   8 miles easy with 6 strides for a total of  8.3 miles my knee felt so stiff after this run from having fallen hard on it the day before while playing kick the can with the family. OUCH. 

plan said run 11-12 miles easy

what I did  ... nothing...  okay I did my elliptical for an hour and a half, but I don't count it as running.  I had landed HARD on my left knee Sunday playing kick the can with the family and after my run Monday it was really stiff and sore.  It was feeling a bit better by Wednesday but still sore to run on.  The low impact of the elliptical didn't bother it, so I did that instead.

plan said  nothing

What I did  6.5 miles easy with 6 strides  Legs felt good and left knee felt better.  I was so glad I rested it Wednesday instead of running long.  Skipping one long run at this point will not hurt me.

My awesome new tank.

plan said 5 miles easy with 4-5 strides at the end

What I did
9 miles easy with 6 strides at the end... this was really the workout for the NEXT day which is also Easter day, and I was worried I wouldn't have time to get the run done so I decided to trade them.  This also would put the easy 5 before a harder workout which since I ran Friday will also be 4 days in a row of running.
Plan called for 32-33 miles
I ran 29.9 miles, so not far off.  Overall I am just happy my knee feels better.  Yoga and strength training both got done at least three times last week.  I quit keeping track. 
and a return to Easter pics.  My mom's sister Tami brought out her great collection of hats and we had fun trying them on and posing for a picture.

The little girls loved it.

Lil Cowboy already had his hat and of course he brought his gun to Easter dinner.

More goofing around. This rock was a favorite place to play while I was growing up.  It was a house, a fort, a castle, a boat, whatever we needed it to be.  I love seeing my kids and their cousins use it for the same fun.

How was your week in running?


  1. I love beef, but sadly, beef doesn't love me! I'd never make it out on the ranch, would I?

  2. Glad your knee is better! Love the pictures! It's a tie between the hats in the uber neat workshop and the kids on the rock! Thanks for the smile!

  3. I'm glad your knee is feeling better!! I LOVE the hats! We used to always wear hats on Easter growing up!!! I think it's a tradition I need to start again!!!

  4. My week in running was pretty great. First week since I was pregnant that I could run at least 3 miles without stopping! I actually did 7 on Saturday (slow!) but it was so fun. Looks like your running is still going great!

  5. Congrats on your 5K and glad your knee felt better after some rest! Looks like your kids had a really fun Easter :)

  6. Glad the knee is better! And can I just tell you that I LOVE your family Easter photos? Adorable! Your bonnet was my favorite. :)


  7. LOVE that shirt! glad your knee is improving. Have a great week!

  8. I love your tank top! We grilled filets for Easter. So yummy. The rock looks like it would create endless hours of fun. Your daughter is wearing awesome red cowgirl boots. :)

  9. Your kids playing on the rock where you played as a girl - pretty special!


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