Saturday, April 18, 2015

Loving Spring Running (mostly)

Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I think one of the most temperamental.  Take last week for example
  •  cold and windy on Sunday, like blow us all away windy
  • windy and mild Monday
  • 80 degrees Tuesday
  • snowing and blowing on Wednesday
  • mild and perfect with temps in the high 50s low 60s the rest of the week.  and gorgeous.  
  • beautiful morning Saturday and then back to blow us away windy for the afternoon
Lucky for me I ran in the morning.  I had a 4 mile easy run on the plan so I decided to get off the main road and hit the trails.  I also took a time out to do my #RunnersLoveYogaHIPS Instagram challenge poses for yesterday and today.
I took time to enjoy all the little wildflowers that have popped out since we got some much needed moisture earlier in the week

and just take in the views in general.  I finished the run with 7 strides for a total of 5.1 miles
I got back to my parent's house where my kids were and found my son happily playing in the creek with a cousin and my daughter inside on the couch with a fever.

We did stop on the way home to take in the wild plum blooms and I brought a few back to the car for my sickie to enjoy too.
ah spring!  Feel so good to see everything greening up again and feel the warm air after making it through the winter.

I can never decide if I love spring more for the warmth after the cold or fall more for the coolness after the hot of summer.  Maybe spring because with it comes all the new life and the green!


  1. I think your weather is crazier than ours here in Chicago! And that's saying a lot!

  2. One of my favorite things about running is finding wild flowers. Look at those views! What a great place to run!

  3. Spring and Autumn are both great seasons to run in. It's not too hot, and they're both beautiful. I love the pictures!


  4. I can't believe you went from 80 degrees to snow! We always get a lot of bad thunderstorms this time of year around me. But I love the springtime weather - it's so nice and I love seeing everything bloom. I hope your daughter feels better!

  5. Wow. Your weather is a wee bit on the psycho side! Hope your little cowgirl is feeling better.

  6. Crazy weather! It makes us stronger, but it certainly is a challenge :-)

  7. That weather sounds challenging for sure! It IS hard to pick between Spring & Fall!

  8. So happy for you that Spring has finally sprung after all that snow! We're headed into winter now, but I guess it's our turn, right ? :)

  9. OH I ADORE the Runners Love Yoga pic.
    <3 <3 <3


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