Sunday, January 12, 2014

Looking back

Here is a breakdown on last week's workouts. 

Sunday      30 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning
                  30 minutes of HIIT training
                  35 minutes on the elliptical

Monday     15 minutes yoga first thing in the morning
                   50 minutes on the elliptical (watching Downton Abbey season 4 premiere!)
                   I really thought I was going to run today but the wind changed my mind.
                   30 minutes of strength training

Tuesday   15 minutes of yoga in the morning
                  2 mile run after work
                 chin-ups/pullups  6/2

                Rest day
               15 minutes yoga
               4 mile run after work

Friday   ZCUT abs
Saturday 63 minutes on the elliptical
               38 minutes of strength training with kettle bell

So I ran 6 miles this week.  That's an improvement.   Hoping to get out some more this coming week and get in more miles.  Only running at easy pace.

Some crazy things did happen this week.. I got my hair trimmed. It really needed it.  I had two inches cut off and some shape added to it. I love my new hair lady.  I am going to keep this one.  It has been years since I have found one I loved and wanted to go back to. She also curled my hair! The last time I had this many curls in my hair was my wedding day.
I was so in love with the pretty curls.  I didn't want to just go home and ruin the curls, so I met my mom for lunch and then went shopping and got some NON running clothes.  If you follow on Instagram you might have already seen them. I got a shirt and a sweater dress.  Love them both.
I wore the dress to my work Christmas party, yes we have it after Christmas, acutually works better that way.  I tried to curl my hair for it, but my curling iron is too big and I don't have any hair products to make the curls stick so it all fell out mostly.  So fun to see everyone from work out of their scrubs and all dressed up.

There was a wedding reception going on in the same building and we had plans to snag some wedding cake, but they took so long to cut the damn thing we lost interest and we had our own cake. 

Anyhoo that was my week in a nutshell, how was yours?


  1. Love Downton Abbey! And love your curls! So beautiful. An easy tip for getting curls to stay put: spray you hair down with strong hairspray before you curl, not just after. Works like a charm for me!

  2. Love your dress! And I need my hair trimmed very badly! The curls are purdy!

  3. You hair looks amazing, and I love the new clothes!

  4. Downton is fab, and your hair is totally lovely!
    My week in a nutshell: lots of work, trying to eat healthily, first ballet class in ages, relaxing weekend :)

  5. Great workout week! Your hair looks beautiful! Don't you wish we could have our hairdressers do our hair every day like the celebrities! That would be so nice.

    I am in love with the shirt - where from? I think I have that sweater dress, or something super similar in cranberry

  6. Your curls are gorgeous! I would have totally crashed that wedding. My friends and I LOVE crashing weddings. We have like a 50/50 success rate.

  7. Your hair looks awesome. I love my hair dresser, I recommend her to everyone!

  8. You have such beautiful hair...and LOVE the dress!! I'm on the hunt for a new hair dresser...I'm very picky!! No need for curling irons here!! I'm psyched when someone straightens my hair for me!!! Lol!


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