Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New thing and a funny thing

First the new thing, I gave in and downloaded the FitSnap app on my phone yesterday, I had some envy when I kept seeing everyone else using it, now my running pictures on Instagram don't have to look boring like this anymore
I can give them the upgrade to this
you don't even have to read my comments anymore.  Those sunglasses are really great to run in, but I really hate the way they look on my face.  I think I won them in a giveaway last year.  I would never have picked them out for myself. 

Now the funny thing, Cory Reese recently became an Altra ambassador and had to submit a video in the process.  I watched his video with my son and it made it twice as awesome.

My son kept saying "Mom, you have to get these shoes" "Mom, you NEED these shoes" "Mom, seriously you have to get the shoes"

He was a little unnerved by the Michael Bolton statement, because my son hated the car commercials that had Michael Bolton on them recently and then when he said "what does the fox say" Cade and I started laughing so hard and at that point he realized Cory was being funny during the whole thing and we really laughed.  Kids are awesome.

So if you have a kid, get a kid and watch it.  Hopefully you will think it is as funny as we did.
What new apps have you downloaded recently? 
What was your favorite part about Cory's video? 
Oh and my Core Power Fit Kit giveaway ends TONIGHT, did you enter yet?


  1. Love your pictures! So are you getting the shoes? You obviously have your son's approval :)

  2. Well, now you make me want to get that app...that's fun...but then I'd actually have to get on Instagram too. I signed up for an account like a thousand years ago, but I've never posted a single picture...oh well.

    I saw Cory's video when he originally posted it. Not suprised at all that they chose him. It was awesome!

  3. LOVE your pictures!!! I need to get FitSnap! I will be off to watch that video...I'll wait for my daughter!

  4. That's great for Cory. I haven't visited his blog in a while, but I will round my kids up and watch the video with them. Thanks for letting us know!

  5. Now I totally want to check out the app :)

  6. Oh my gosh--LOVED this video. He is awesome..the dog poop comment was great. And the rainbow comment. Think I need these shoes!

  7. I love the FitSnap app!!!! I always wondered where people got it, then the app liked one of my pictures on Instagram and voila!!

    I hate how my sunglasses look on me too, but I spent less than $20 on them 2 years ago at Target and they are still awesome. (And held up MUCH better than the $100+ Adidas ones that snapped in half after a year).

    I love Fast Cory!!

  8. Cola is so handsome! That app looks neat might have to check it out :)

    The sunglasses look great on you!

  9. Ahhh, so that's how people fancify their photos! I'm gonna look into that! That video was awesome!

  10. That video was so funny. Sadly I think my favorite part was the one about "poop". Having 2 dogs, I have to deal with that a lot;)

  11. I downloaded some on my tablet but have yet to use them. I'm a little behind on this since I don't even have a smartphone! :-)

  12. Cory's the best. What does the fox say?

    1. Hidy Hidy Hidy Ho!!
      Wa pow pow pow pow pow pow...
      haha... 2 of my preschoolers constantly bring up that song and various sounds a fox may or may not make!!! lol ;)

  13. I love Fast Cory! Glad to see you add him to your post.

  14. I'll have to download that app!! I recently downloaded the Nike+ and NikeFitClub apps but I haven't used them yet!

  15. I downloaded FitSnap too haven't used it yet. You just reminded me that I did so I am going to start using it after my next run!


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