Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Running, not running, maybe running

I have been pretty good lately about working out.  Running is supposed to be as tolerated.  I ran 6 miles last week and the first two went pretty good.  Two days later I ran four miles and the first 2.5-3ish miles went pretty good and then I started getting tight in my groin all the down my inner leg to the knee on my right side.   I was so sore the next day.  Boo  So I didn't run all weekend, but I did the elliptical and that seems to not bug me.

Yesterday my son stayed home from school with a tummy ache so it was back to another day of the elliptical which I am so over so I cut my workout short by ten minutes to play cribbage with my son.  He felt better by the afternoon so we rearranged the living room and had some wrestling matches.  He is getting so tough! After he spent most of the morning on the couch he felt better and he had such a great afternoon of Mommy and Cade time. 

I am hoping to try for a couple of miles after work today as the leg is feeling good, hopefully the wind will be better today, it was awful yesterday so not running wasn't all that much of a bummer.  I might have blown away.

Last night I heard my daughter rustling around in the pantry so I asked her what she was doing.  I got a "I just need a few bags"  She loves bags and boxes, so while my first instinct was to tell her to put the bags back (not because I am a mean mom, but because I could only imagine the craziness she was planning and the mess that could result. been there, done that,) I decided to let her do what she was doing.

Here was the result.
A very long rope made of plastic grocery bags that her and her brother ran around the house with.  I love their imaginations.  They had the best time with it for about 20 minutes and then Avery tucked it away in her room "for later". 

 I am really loving my new haircut, even my just climbed out of bed in the morning hair looks pretty good.

Was is windy where you are yesterday? We had gusts of up to 60some mph.  Ick!


  1. Your kids are hilarious. That looks like a fun game.

    Your hair really does look awesome. You should totally stick with that hair dresser.

  2. I love their imaginations!!! Living on an island it is windy pretty much all the time...you kind of get used to it. However, that is very windy...don't get blown away into the prairie!! LOVE the hair!!

  3. Not windy, it was beautiful and I STILL didn't get the opportunity to run. Today I do, but it is raining....but at least it's in the upper 40s!

    Love your hair!

  4. Your kids are too cute...love the bag rope! Your haircut is cute as well. Sorry the pain/tightening is still continuing to plague you. :0( Hope it feels better soon!

  5. I thought we had some wind here, but 60 mph is crazy! Your kids are hilarious :)

  6. Your kids are fantastic (and I love your hair!) And yeah, the wind here is insane! Boulder got up to 90 mph gusts!

  7. I really wish I could roll out of bed and leave the house. I have a rat's nest afro puff when I get up :(

    WIND IS THE WORST. It was the windiest ever here for 4-5 days. Today, the wind is gone, but now we have snow. Can't win!

  8. That's a cheap toy! :-) Yes, wind here has been horrible! I've always said it's my least favorite element!

  9. We were just talking about whether our kids are old enough for cribbage. Guess I'll teach them! :^)

  10. I used to have a lot of groin pain, and still struggle with it from time to time, but really stretching my hamstrings has helped more than anything. My ART guy told me a couple of years ago that tight hamstrings pull the groin and adductors applying pain and pressure. Anyway - none of my business, but I saw this and thought I'd share what really works for me. Have a good week!

  11. Kids come up with the craziest ideas!! I love the bag rope :) We do a fair amount of wrestling here too.. Gotta have something to do when it's freezing outside!
    A great haircut is one you can wake up and go with! It looks fantastic on you. Hope your leg is feeling better soon. Glad you can elliptical it right now.

  12. Love the haircut, and your kids are too funny!!


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