Tuesday, January 7, 2014

100 Marathons: A Book Review

I read 100 Marathons recently and admit even though I have only run one marathon that went something like 21 happy awesome miles and 5.2 grueling will testing miles, I was excited to read this book.   You don't have to be a dedicated marathon runner to enjoy reading this any runner will get his passion and thoughts on running.

Jeffrey Horowitz writes about the journey to his first 100 marathons. He doesn't cover every single one of them, just memorable ones and how running changes him.  He adds in his thoughts about the eternal question "why run a marathon?" and how it evolves for him through the years, and how he got into running.  The book also has some great advice for runners on training, injury prevention, race recovery and running in general.

I found the book to be an inspirational and quick read.  I found myself rooting for him to get that Boston qualifying time and to keep running in the face of adversity.  He adds in some great local details for some of the races, details about some of the medals and friends he makes along the way.  His races span the 50 states and then the globe, even running one in Antarctica!

He starts as an attorney and eventually in his journey quits the law and becomes a running coach and leads team that run for charity for an organization called Team Hope. 


  1. Finally, a running book I haven't read. I will have to look for it!

  2. Sounds like a good read. Quick and easy reads are about all I can handle at the moment:)


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