Sunday, January 5, 2014

Looking back and random news

Workout summary from last week.  I don't usually do these and don't know that I will continue to do them, but I thought I would try it.

Sunday           yoga 30 minutes,
Monday          yoga 30 minutes, elliptical 45 minutes
Tuesday         Kettle bell workout, yoga 30 min, 2 mile run/walk
Wednesday    Rest day Happy New Year!
Thursday        Elliptical 65 minutes
Friday            ZCUT Abs 1 and 2
Saturday        yoga for half an hour, elliptical for 50 minutes

I think had the week been warmer, the roads better I would have tried to run a little more. I don't want to be out on iffy roads and aggravate my injury. I know it sounds like whiny excuses, but at this point I am so tired of my injury I don't want to risk it.  The elliptical while boring is more easily controlled. 

  I am happy with all the yoga I got in, now if I can just keep that up.  I think loosening up my super duper tight hips and hammies will really help me.  Not as much strength training happened as I would like, only 2, I would like at least 3 and more like 4. 

The sandbag I ordered is in at the post office.  I don't know if we have a different mail carrier or what.  I would swear they used to deliver boxes, but lately all I get is pickup notices and the post office is so out of my way.  I forgot to get it on Friday after work and now I have to wait until Monday to get it since it's closed on the weekends.  You have to love small towns!  Annoying since I really want to try it out!

Injury report: I would have to say that it seems improved over the week before, it didn't seem to bother me as much at night and I only remember one day where it bothered me a lot and by the end of the day it seemed better.

Nutrition..yeah I don't track what I eat too closely.  Overall not too bad though :) I don't recall have any crazy sugar binges.

This cold weather is making winter seem way too long.  Yesterday we built a "volcano", recarpeted the dollhouse, and played hours of card games.  I should have taken a before picture, but the new carpet is much more "glamourous" according to my daughter. The old was yellow, brown, and blue.
and in sadder news... Rocky Ballerina One-Dot aka Puddy, my bottle baby kitten all grown up went missing last week.  :(  So bummed. hope he shows up soon.

How was your week?  Are you on track with your 2014 goals so far?  I mostly am.
How are you surviving the winter? Ready for spring yet?  I am!



  1. I love yoga! I don't do it nearly as often as I should. I always feel better after I do it

  2. So sorry about Rocky!!!! Sad :(
    As for yoga - I am a huge fan of yoga and really think it's great for you. Actually, my yoga instructor is a marathoner and she is AMAZING!!!! She's a walking/talking advertisement on how yoga and running go hand in hand.....

  3. Your mail carrier problems crack me up.

  4. Prayers for Rocky. I hope you find him soon. I saw on Instagram the dollhouse your grandfather made:) My grandpa made me a dollhouse when I was little too. Sadly I have boys so I don't have anyone to play with it, but I hope to have girl grandbabies that I can pass it down too:)

  5. oh no!! I hope Rocky comes back safely!

  6. I would lose my mind with all those post office issues. I would NEVER be able to get there to pick anything up. Hope kitty comes back!!

  7. I normally don't mind winter since moving to Maryland, which has much milder winters but right now I am over it! I am nailing my 2014 goals, however. Flossing and starbucks every day so far!

  8. Oh no! I will be praying for Rocky's safe return! I am trying to stay on track in 2014 since I have lots of races on the schedule. Had a little knee pain scare yesterday but I think it is more IT band related so I am trying to pamper it back to health. Hope your injury heals quickly :)

  9. Oh no!!! I hope you find your kitty soon!!!

  10. Oh no! I hope Rocky comes back soon!!!

  11. Oh no! I hope you find Rocky soon!! I am mostly on track for my yearly goals...but more than that I'm ready for spring! I had my snowstorm and now I'm all set!! I'm thinking this year we need to get into more winter sports!

  12. Do you do all your elliptical at one time? I find my feet fall asleep, so I often get 60min+ each day, but I break it up into a few different 20min workouts. I guess I can, as I have my elliptical at home, I know that isn't an option for everyone. :)

  13. Oh no! I'm so sad to hear about Rocky! I feel like he was kind of your blog mascot. :( Hope he pops up!


  14. Rocky come home!!! :(

    You had a great week of workouts even without running much. (And no you don't sound like you are making excuses at all. You sound smart)!!!


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