Sunday, January 19, 2014

#megsmiles and recap of last week

Last week Meg Menzie was hit by a drunk driver while on her morning run.  She left behind three children.  Breaks my heart.  So I joined up with the tens of thousands of other runners yesterday in dedicating my run to Meg and #megsmiles. 

I took time to savor the feeling of running and how I love the freedom it brings.  The quiet time to think my thoughts, no pressures.  I thought about how her kids would have to grow up without their mother.  Breaks my heart.  I had to go home and spend some extra time with my kids.  You just never know when your time is up and every moment is such a gift.
not all my kids, one is a friend and one is a cousin
and here is a look back at how my week was last week.  I am doing really good on the yoga thing. 

Sunday   65 minutes elliptical
               35 minutes strength training core and upper body

Monday elliptical 45 minutes
               15 minute HIIT workout

Tuesday  35 minutes yoga in morning
                3 mile run after work

Wednesday  Rest Day

Thursday  35 minutes of yoga in the morning
                  4 mile run after work  !!!!!

Friday    15 minutes yoga in the morning
               60 minutes on the elliptical
               30 minutes of strength training I did two old BodyRock workouts
               The Lose Yourself workout
                and Attacking Hot Warrior
           they left me a little sore on Saturday, they both include the sandbag
         and I just got one and am trying to use it more.  I love it by the way.

Saturday       Two yoga workouts for runners from Youtube. This one was great, but I was still wanting to do more
so I did this one also.  I enjoyed both of them
 I didn't realize there were so many yoga videos on Youtube!  I like the 4 yoga DVDs I have at home but variety it awesome!

Miles ran  11, up from 7 last week (no set goals here, listening to my body and no runs longer than 4 miles this week or next)
Yoga Workouts 4 (goal is at least 3 a week)
Strength workouts    3(goal is at least 3)
Elliptical minutes  205!
Rest days 1

and I worked on my pullups and chin-ups, those have been a little neglected in the past year or so.  No big goals with it. 

How was your week last week?


  1. Awesome week, Christy! My week was okay- I only got on the rollers three times with my bike and was hoping for four...wait...the week isn't over yet :)

  2. I did my recap on Friday, I like to weigh in before the "wicked weekend" hits ... although I've been doing ok this one :) I like to do multiple workouts in a day too. I'll do several 20min elliptical sessions throughout the day (benefit of having a home gym). There ARE so many workouts of all kinds on YouTube, I need to give more of them a try. I do tend to get stuck in a rut with specific workouts I like and am comfortable with.

    Pullups, Chinups ... I just can't even come close! Still working on getting more than 5 pushups at a time!

  3. Those mile numbers are getting bigger - yay!
    Thanks for the running yoga links - I will definitely give them a go, since my exercise mat has almost become a permanent fixture in my living room...!

  4. I'm glad you're making your way back to running! And you're so good about finding good workouts online. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  5. I have a couple yoga dvd's I Iike, but am looking for more, which 4 do you like?

  6. Great job Christy:) I love that there are so many workout options for free online. Makes finding a good workout so much easier:)

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  8. Great week Christy!! Great runs you're getting in there too!! Good job listening to your body instead of pushing it too far!! I know how hard that is!!!
    Hope you have a great week!!

  9. You had a great week, Christy! Thanks for sharing the yoga youtube videos...I've done a few but couldn't ever find one I really liked. Great job with your mileage, too! Have a great week!


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