Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. We are participating in Shape Up Montana at work and had enough people sign up to make three teams.  I am going to be the captain for one of them and we are all signing up in the activity division and you can bet I will be working to get everyone motivated!  Since we have three teams we will be competing internally and are working to get some fun prizes.

What is Shape Up Montana?

Shape Up Montana is a fun, interactive three-month team competition from February 1 — May 1 that encourages Montanans to develop healthy physical activity and eating habits.

Team Effort

The Shape Up Montana program is a team effort. Teams are made up of friends, family members, co-workers, and more to compete against each other in a state-wide competition. In the spirit of the Big Sky State Games, the members of the team with the most activity logged or weight lost in their category are awarded gold medals and receive a special award. Other prizes will be awarded throughout the competition for the teams with the most participation, weekly challenge participation, and monthly reporting. Everyone is a winner by taking part in the program and being more active.
The Shape Up Montana program is based around accumulated activity or weight loss divisions

2. I ran three miles after work Tuesday and Wednesday was a rest day.  I got home from work yesterday and it was so nice out I almost went for a run anyway. 46 degrees in January.  Shorts weather!  I had to give myself a pep talk about how not resting enough is why I am in the injured boat in the first place. I didn't run.  I took my rest day and enjoyed it.  Why is that so hard sometimes? 

3. The winner of my Core Power Fit Kit giveaway is posted.  Did you win? It's posted on the Rafflecoptor widget in the giveaway post.


  1. I'm loving the "heat wave" we're having right now. It's making running outside way easier. I'm glad you're taking things slowly and getting healthy again!

  2. Shape Up Montana sounds like a fun way to get people motivated. So glad you're getting some warmer weather and I hope your running day falls on another nice day very soon!

  3. We get out heat wave this weekend...going to be almost 60 degrees Sat! Yeah, but right now...not such much.

    That's a fun work event! Way to focus on health. We are having a Biggest Loser Challenge at work.

  4. What a great contest!!! I find when it's so nice outside and I want to be out there it's hard not to run!!

  5. 46 (especially if there is no wind) is perfect January weather!

  6. Oh so jealous of the 46 temps!!!!!!! We just got out of a deep freeze, we were excused early from school today due to blizzard conditions, and it sounds like we are heading back into sub zero temps!!! brrrr

  7. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes even on long run days, I want to go run again later and have to tell myself no. You made the right decision!! Heal up!!


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