Saturday, January 4, 2014

So I went to a doctor and apparently was like a celebrity.

Thursday I went to the doctor to see about my right leg that keeps bugging me.

Symptoms, some of them anyway, I could bore you
  • aching/burning in inner and top of thigh
  • gets worse at night, especially if I sleep on either side
  • sometimes goes away completely during the day
  • exercise can make it feel better
  • can cramp up during running
  • feels better once I am warmed up

I had to fill out a form before I saw the doctor and it had the "faces" pain scale on it.  He was amused I rated mental pain a 10 with no running. 

 After explaining all my symptoms, he decided it might be a back problem.  Oh great.  I have had back problems before with sciatica just never down the front of my leg.  I got an x-ray taken of my back and in his words "it's disgustingly perfect", so he wanted to do an MRI, but I know those are rather pricey and I wanted to be more conservative first and figure out how much the MRI will cost before I commit.    He put me on a Medrol pack for a week and then I will follow up with him in three weeks to see how it's doing.

He thinks my symptoms are pretty consistent with L3, L4 nerve problems on the right side.  I really thought he would say, yup, muscle strain, somethingitis, and send me to physical therapy.

On a fun note he is an official medical provider for the US Ski Team. 
Happily he did tell me that I could run as tolerated.  Although with the wintery conditions, bad roads, and sub zero temps right now I think I will put off running for another little bit since I don't have a treadmill and I have no races on the calendar. 

  • my back looks awesome on x-ray
  • I can still run as tolerated
  • he was surprised at how tight my hammies were
  • I still don't have a clear answer but we are working on getting it narrowed down and that feels good.
Plan for now
  • Medrol pack for a week (steroids)(never read the side effects for these)
  • Exercise as tolerated
  • Yoga at least 2 times a week (hoping this will strengthen and loosen my back)
  • Follow up appointment in 3 weeks
I mentioned before that I work with all the surgeons in this office, and the physician assistants, so it felt weird going in being in on the other side.  I learned yesterday I was the talk of the office.  The surgeons and PAs of course tell stories about things that happen in the operating room and apparently they have heard a lot about me.  Dr. Smith, who I work with a lot, (by a lot I mean at least once a week sometimes twice a week for the last 13 years) has told a lot of stories about me over the years, told me yesterday that some of the office staff over there were feeling like they should have their picture taken with me.   so funny!


  1. I'm thinking this is good news? So awesome to be the talk of the office!

  2. Sheesh, why can't doctors just know what's wrong and fix it? haha! Injuries are so frustrating but your attitude is so great. I hope everything works itself out quickly.

  3. Medrol will make you very what I'v heard. warn the family! :) Do you have a chiropractor you go to?

  4. Sounds like it would be good to take a rest from running with the snow and cold anyway. You picked a good time!

  5. So glad it turns out you can run 'as tolerated' and that you got such good 'treatment' ! I have never seen that face graphic before. Fun.

  6. That's great you've found a doctor who is taking your #10 mental pain seriously and is getting to the root (hehe) of the problem! Hopefully the talk in the office will soon be about your next marathon!

  7. Glad he's wanting to help and not just telling you, "stop running". So funny you were like a celebrity! Love it!

  8. I love that he listened to your needs and also didnt tell you to stop running. MRI's are super pricey and can kill a runners budget for sure.

  9. LOL. That's awesome they felt like they should get their picture taken with you. :) Hope the medrol pack helps and you can avoid an MRI.

  10. I hope the new medication helps, and how awesome that you're the office celebrity! :-D

  11. Love your popularity! Feel better Christy!

  12. THe doodles on the faces were AWESOME! Feel better! This weather is also making me feel like that. xx

  13. I love that you're a legend! Good luck and hope you get it figured out accurately and quickly. I've been dealing with a minor L4/L5 bulge that sits on my sciatic nerve something fierce sometimes. Lot's of core exercises and cutting out the super long runs has helped tremendously. Here's to a healthy 2014 for us both!

  14. Hopefully, you don't have to go back for more and a little more rest will do the trick.

    Doctors, chiropractors, etc. are always surprised by how tight my hamstrings are. It cracks me up.

  15. I'm really hoping you are on the mend! My 6 year old saw the "pain scale" faces and asked if they were making pooping faces. Hahaha!

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  17. He put me on a Medrol pack for a week and then I will follow up with him in three weeks to see how it's

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