Friday, March 28, 2014

Bullets..because why not

  • so now my left foot/ankle area is mad on the lateral side.  Not sure if I twisted it, or if it is from getting a heavy surgical bed part dropped on it last week.  Either way I made it three miles into a planned ten mile run yesterday and had to quit. Disappointing, annoying and discouraging.
  • I hopped on my elliptical to sweat a little more and luckily my foot was not bothered by this.  I watched Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas while I pedaled (ellipticalled)(whatever) away.  Trying not to cry while exercising makes me feel like I have asthma.
  • the whole foot thing is making me rethink doing a 5k this weekend, it only hurts when running. ugh
  • that's a HUGE bummer because I was getting excited about FINALLY doing a race again
  • I wouldn't have worn a tutu to the race but if somebody had I would not have made fun of them. Why does it have to be a big deal if someone wants to wear one? 
  • I posted the winner of my latest giveaway on the post here
random shoe picture

  • it snowed again.  not much, but tomorrow is supposed to be 61 degrees.  and my foot hurts to run on.  
  • Maybe I will have to bike.  ugh 
  • I just can't seem to learn to like cycling like I love running
I think this guy would rather run too.


  1. Maybe you'll grow to love cycling. Yesterday, I beat a personal time record - made the ride even more fun when I saw that. Like you, I had to cut short a 10 mile run this week. The next day, I was fine. I hope that's how it goes for you!

  2. That is a serious bummer about your foot!!! I'd probably rethink the 5k, too, but I'd be really sad about it.

  3. The snow/cold is awful! Hope it goes away soon and that you are healed and back on the run in short order!

  4. Dang! You poor thing! I hope the foot heals very quickly!

    Winter is hanging on here and no one is happy about it. I guess we will just appreciate summer more this year? I hope so!

  5. First of all: ouch about the bed part falling on your foot. I hope it is nothing bad. And that movie...I am trying to imagine this not crying while on the elliptical because this is a pretty sad movie. Hopefully you made it to the end. :)

  6. That whole tutu thing was crazy! So sad that people have to be so critical:( Hope your foot feels better especially since it sounds like the weather is going to turn nice.

  7. Hope you heal quickly.

    It makes me wonder if the staff of Self Magazine is so insecure in themselves that they have to make fun of someone running in a tutu, are they still in Middle School? Her friend with "Die Tumor Die!!" on her shirt might have given them a clue if they had cared to look.

  8. Sorry that your foot is niggling at you! And that Cola has a sore paw too. Is the quill out?

    Keeping my fingers crossed you get some SPRING soon!

  9. Uggghhhh. Hope it heals up fast!

    I don't understand why anyone cares what anyone else is wearing.

  10. Hopefully it is just the bed that caused your sore foot and it clears up quickly so you can run the 5k! How frustrating, I'm crossing my fingers for you!

  11. Sorry to hear about your foot. :( I had an issue like yours sounds like last summer... I took four days off and was good as new. So I hope some rest is all you need, too!

  12. Sorry about the foot! I hope it gets better so you can race. The Tutu thing kills me. Wear what you like, so long as you have on something covering the privates..
    Hang in there and get that foot better!

  13. Sorry about the foot. That sucks. The snow, ugh... Biking? Love it, but feel like I'm cheating on my running shoes. Dog? ADORABLE!! Tutus? Wore one, felt all cute and girly!

  14. oh no, seems like you've had a rough patch of injuries for a bit - hope this is just a momentary glitch because of an unfortunate impact.


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