Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last week and a best day ever

I think recording my workouts is motivational for me so even if they aren't the most interesting thing in the world I am going to keep posting them.

Sunday     7.5 mile run
                 35 minutes yoga from Runners World

Monday    5.5 mile run
                45 minute yoga
                 20 minute HIIT workout

Tuesday   20 minutes of rowing

Wednesday 16 minute HIIT workout

Thursday 60 minutes of yoga
                3 mile run (had to cut it short due to a foot issue, new problem)
                45 minutes elliptical
               16 minute HIIT strength workout

Friday  Rest Day

Saturday       8 miles of cycling (about 35 minutes)
                     25 minutes elliptical
                    2.5 hours of hiking with the family

Run  3  16 miles
Yoga 3
Rowing 1
HIIT strength 3
Elliptical 2 70 minutes
Cycling 1
Hiking 1
Rest days 1

Lots of cross training this week but mostly that is due to have a niggle in my left foot.  I was told Friday to not run on it for a week and after that go back into it slowly if my foot tolerates it.  None of the cycling, elliptical or hiking I did Saturday bothered it in the least so I am optimistic that my foot will heal quickly.

The most sad thing about it is that I was hoping to run my first 5k in forever today, but there will be more.  and the weather has been beautiful.  Hard to not get to run when we finally have three days of beautiful spring weather and it is going to snow again tonight. 

and picture overload, but as the kids declared it was a "best day ever" yesterday and we have lots of great pictures to prove it.  We haven't had a family hike in awhile so Rance and I wanted to take the kids where we went last weekend.

perfect place to picnic
We found several rocks like this, we like to call them dragons. Since there were so many in this area we are calling it the land of the dragons.  Kids are so much fun.
This we named Stonehenge
My son spotted where my dad carved his initials almost 30 years ago, I would have been about as old as my son when my dad carved these.

The kids found some treasures: feathers, antlers, some animal jawbones and some deer hair.

Creative fencing.
A perfect place to rest.
tons of small fossilized shells, my paleontologist want to be son loves these

Another awesome hike, and all after both of the kids finally mastered bike riding on gravel roads. Seriously I am so blessed to have such beautiful and fun places to hike.  I grew up on the ranch and rode my horse everywhere on it, but getting down and taking time to explore the nooks and crannies is priceless to me and to get to do it with my kids is even more fun.  I haven't done so much fun exploring on the ranch since I was young and it was our backyard.  
How was your week?
Anyone interested in what I do for HIIT workouts?  If there is I could start posting them, if not, I guess they will be my little secret.


  1. I would love to know about your HIIT workouts! So jealous of your scenery!

  2. Posting workout is totally motivational and you should keep doing it! I too would love to know what your HIIT workouts look like! Great week!

    Looks like you had your family had a great day yesterday. What a beautiful place to grow up and live in! Sorry you have to miss your 5k ... maybe more hiking is in order? :)

  3. What a great place to explore! It's cool that your dad's initials are still there for your kids to see. The fencing cracks me up. What else can you do with rock? Build walls, I guess!
    I have 2 of my kids riding bikes on gravel.. 2 of 3 is good. It's hard to learn that way- gravel road and hills!
    Sorry you missed the 5k, but I bet your workouts are just what you need. Yes- I am curious about HIIT. You should post on it!

  4. What a cool place to grow up -- for you and your kids! I'd definitely be interested in seeing your HIIT workouts. I'm so not creative when it comes to workouts, so I love to see what other people do!

  5. This looks like such a fun expedition. The kid in me who wanted to be an archaeologist loved this!

  6. What precious memories! Looks like a best day ever to me too :) .

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  8. That looks like a seriously fun place to hike. I was thinking about taking Bungee this weekend, but then it rained all day and today it's snowing! Ridiculous.

  9. What a fantastic day. I love that your son found your dad's name!


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