Thursday, March 20, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Despite the rain/snow mush we got Monday night and most of Tuesday I really wanted to get off the main roads.  So I went and ran above my grandmother's house, but the field roads were so muddy it was just miserable so I ended up doing a mix of running along the edge of the field and "trail" running.
although did you see a trail in that picture?  Me either, so I just kind of ran around.  It was awesome.
At one point I just stopped and enjoyed the view and the sound on the wind through the pine trees. It was so nice out and with a view like this I couldn't resist.

2. I love my Altras but I really need to get some lock laces on these babies, I can't even tell you how many times I had them come untied today.
I don't know if it was the uneven terrain, the mud or my tying skills, but they came untied way more than usual, very annoying.

3. I got home from my run only to have my husband tell me that the news crew would be at our house soon and were going to interview us on the difficulties young people have getting into agriculture.
The kids were so impressed when they saw us on tv.


  1. oooh I can so imagine.

  2. That right there is a cowboy!!! Very cool to be on TV! It is always cool to see where you run!

  3. You're basically famous!! So exciting!

  4. Yep, You're a celebrity now. You get to make ridiculous demands and everything! LOL
    Love the views you always share.

  5. Trail running!...we'll cross country trail running! I need some trails!!

  6. i really need to get some lock laces too, one of my biggest pet peeves when running is having the laces come untied. that's crazy that they reached out to your husband for the tv spot, you're basically famous now

  7. Great run! Are you going to post the interview when it comes out?;)

  8. So beautiful there! And how cool that you guys were on TV--my kids would love it, too. And Altras, though I love them, are the very worst when it comes to laces!

  9. Wow, the snow has practically disappeared, replaced by mud obviously!
    I've found the flat laces stay tied better, so not sure why so many are round as they slip undone easier. I usually double knot them, but a problem I have is that they are sometimes too short! I must have quite a wide foot or high arch or something.
    Ooh yes please post the video, I'd love to see it!

  10. It is so pretty where you run. And you are superstars!

    Maria @ The Good Life

  11. Cool that you were on the news and raising awareness of some of the difficulties faced in agriculture!


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