Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekly review and random things

Sunday                    6.2 mile hilly run
                                30 minutes of yoga
                                10 minutes rowing
Monday                   9.01 mile rainy day long run
                                30 minutes yoga
                                12 minutes kettle bell workout
                                18 minute HIIT
Tuesday                  20 minutes rowing
Wednesday             18 minute HIIT
Thursday                1 hour yoga
                                 7 mile run
Friday                      30 minutes yoga after work
Saturday                  65 minutes elliptical
                                20 minute HIIT
Yoga      4
Strength 3
Run    22.21
Rowing 30 minutes
Elliptical  65 minutes
Rest Days... 0  I guess yoga is like active rest isn't it?

It was a great week for running, the weather is warming up, although 2 of my runs were very windy so I had to remind myself of these things  to help get my butt out the door.

I am debating which 5k to sign up for in the next couple of weeks, if that goes well which I am afraid it will be humbling for how slow I find myself, I am going to decide whether or not to do the 9.3 mile run part of an adventure race.

I did it last year and it was the last race I did before this whole injury thing.  I am hesitant to do it out of fear of re injury, but I also don't want to let my fears hold me back.  First, though a 5k is in order! I need an idea of just how out of racing shape I am.

I am feeling good and have started throwing in some speed work during my runs, it feels good to be moving faster.  I am also making sure to stay consistent with yoga.  I really at this point believe it helped me turn the corner with my injury.  For the first time in almost a year I can sleep on my side again for as long as I want to, the pain in my leg no longer wakes me up at night and the only thing I am doing different is the yoga.   Now and then I feel a twinge or a niggle, but it continues to get better and improve with each passing week.

My little sister also sent me a picture of the running shoe tribute for Jaime, the runner who got hit by a car last Wednesday and died. It is right down the block from the daycare my sister takes her youngest son to.  So sad and another reminder for running safety.


  1. That sucks- a runner was killed a couple counties over when a driver crossed over the lines and hit her from behind.

    I totally understand the fear of reinjury. I did my first race back fall of 2012 and it felt great. I too k time, slowly speeding up. I did 2nd a month later and kept a nice pace (for night and on a trail) and then did a 5k here I pushed it- and that was it- my injury came back, leading to where I am now :( So, not to feed that fear since my situation was really odd, but just have fun with it!

  2. Awesome, awesome week, Christy! The photo your sister sent you is so sad. :( But such a fitting tribute.

    Maria @ The Good Life

  3. I hadn't heard about that runner being killed - very sad. This tribute is very touching.

    Glad the yoga is helping you so much. I am enjoying yoga too.

  4. I'm always super jumpy if I run to close to where cars are driving..some drivers just don't pay attention..

  5. So good to hear that you're able to run more now and improving after your injury!

  6. I hadn't heard about that runner, either... so horrible. Be careful out there!

    I'm glad your injury is steadily getting better. I need more yoga in my life, but it's always the first thing to go when I get busy.

  7. I didn't hear about that runner... I have come close to being hit before and it's super scary! Cars/drivers don't pay attention sometimes and it's bad!

  8. I feel like I've heard about so many runners being killed lately. I just don't understand! It's crazy.

    Glad your runs and workouts were good this week!

  9. It is sad and sobering hearing about mother runners getting hit...can't imagine what her family is going through right now!

  10. That tribute is so touching! It's all so very sad, but thoughtful too. I read yesterday about a 16 year old who had just finished a marathon- then collapsed and passed also. It tugs at your heart- all of that hurt.

    You had a good week. Glad it's warming up too! Can you please send it east?



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