Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pear Sports: Pear Mobile Review

I was given the opportunity to try out Pear Mobile recently through Fitfluential. 

What is Pear Mobile you ask?  It's a fitness tracking tool with real time coaching to help push you through your workout. It works with both iPhone and Android.

They have hundreds of workouts to choose from or you can choose to use the free form workout mode.  When using the free form you can record your pace, distance, calories, average heart rate, time, and max heart rate and do your own thing. The coached workouts (all downloaded from the ‘Plan Store’) will track all of these things as well as coach you through the entire workout through your headphones.

It comes with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and strap, earphones and an app to download on your phone. There are lots of free workouts and some that you have to pay for everything from marathon training plans, weight loss and getting fit. There is even yoga and kettle bells! Seriously, lots of variety.  You can check out all the workouts HERE.  I have downloaded over thirty different workouts already. 

I received the Dirty Thirty workout plan by Nancy Halterman as part of this review.  It is a one week plan featuring 5 thirty minute workouts. 2 are treadmill workouts, but since I don't have a tread mill I did it once on the elliptical and one outside running, the other three are strength workouts and they kicked my butt. 

I liked hearing the feedback during the workout about how my heart rate was doing during the workout and whether I needed to kick it up a notch or not.

The workouts come with videos to show you the moves before you start doing them so you can learn the moves and do them with proper form.

I also like to look at stats from workouts when I am done. I am kind of a numbers geek like that.  Technically I did this one on my elliptical.
this was part of the Dirty Thirty also

This was part of the Dirty Thirty, it took my a couple minutes to realize I wasn't connected with the heart rate monitor. I nearly met the goal heart rates.

Since I work out at home and usually all by myself I like variety to keep me motivated.  I love that there are lots of workouts to choose from and have used it running quite a bit.

What I liked
  • feedback
  • the coaching made the workout fly by
  • videos to show the moves
  • earbuds were strange at first but I really liked them, they never fell out once
  • heart rate strap and monitor are super comfy
  • tons of great workouts that are free
  • lots of great tips along the way
  • app is easy to use
Not my favorite
  • sometimes the heart rate monitor seemed hard to adjust so that it would read
  • I had a hard time going back to do to a specific workout in the training plan, it wants you to stay on the plan

If you would like to try Pear Sports for yourself and get 30% off  just use the code Fitfluential
The code is good through the end of the month.  The heart rate monitor, earbuds retail for $99, so 30% off is a great deal.

I was given Pear Mobile free to try in exchange for a review, all opinions expressed are my own, I was not required to give a favorable review


  1. I agree this is a great tool! I had no problems at all with my HRM. Love the variety and I agree the workouts are butt kickers.

  2. The numbers geek in me, is salivating over this gadget. I really like that you get voice feedback on how you are doing. I use runmeter for running because of that. But this would be good not only for running but also for additional workouts.


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