Saturday, March 1, 2014

In Like a Lion

After a bit of a knuckle biter of a drive home from work yesterday I decided a little yoga was in order to work out some kinks.  Seriously 9 cars in the ditch, three being towed, and a semi getting hooked up to a tow truck on a big nasty hill.  The roads were a solid sheet of ice and the ditched are full of snow.  Some of those cars in the ditch were buried up to the window.  Seriously people slow down!

Winter isn't messing around this year, March came in like a lion for sure! The kids were impressed with my crow pose

so they worked on the "pretzel"
and the DVD balance

I tried this video last night
I was a little iffy about her yoga after her first video, but after doing this video I decided I am a fan.  This was great.  Not really traditional yoga, some stretches but a lot of flow type yoga I guess. I worked up a pretty good sweat. 

Pretty much going to be hanging out in the house this weekend.  I live in the pink area.  We already had a lot of snow from last weekend's storm.

What are your weekend plans? Any bets on March going out like a lamb?
The winner of the Apera Sprint pack is posted also.


  1. Look at your shoulder muscles in that picture! Amazing!!

  2. Did you hear about the avalanche in Missoula? Crazy!

  3. Well I think your Crow is impressive too!

  4. I cannot Crow. I'm super impressed! You look great!


  5. Wow, I'm super impressed by your Crow... and the kids pretzel! Haha that was too cute! Ugh, this weekend we have snow. Thankfully the previous snow melted but here we come again!

  6. Wow, very impressive Crow! Love the Pretzel and the DVD Balance too ;) .

  7. haha crow is indeed my favorite - I like to try to do side crow, that is probably the craziest yoga position that I try to pull off, the rest are too crazy lol

  8. I think I used to do that crow pose in high school. I need to see if I can do that one! I thought of you when I saw runners in yesterday's half marathon wearing their Team Beef shirts!

  9. Your kids are naturals :).

    I spent the weekend hanging out with a friend and lounging around the house. It's a pretty good combination.

  10. I finally was able to hold crow for a few seconds the other day, yours looks much better than mine!

    Winter is no joke this year for sure, I am excited to see 20's in the forecast finally.

  11. In like a lion, out like a crazed lion

  12. I am impressed with your crow, too! I sure hope it goes out like a lamb. With a whole lot of melting. Although I fear this spring could include some flooding since the ground is so frozen! Ick.

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