Sunday, March 9, 2014

A new record and a rant

Here is how last week shaped up.  I am pretty happy with it, especially how the running went.

Sunday          Elliptical 60 minutes
                      30 minute HIIT (hard)
                      26 minutes kettle bell
                      30 minutes yoga

Monday         RUNNING OUTSIDE 9 miles!!! Felt amazing
                      15 minute HIIT
                      40 minutes yoga

Tuesday        20 minutes kettle bell

Wednesday   6.2 mile run with a negative split
                     18 minute HIIT

Thursday     Yoga

Friday         REST DAY work kicked my butt

Saturday      5.5 mile run
                    30 minutes Hatha flow yoga

Strength  4
yoga 4
Running  3  20.7 miles  that's a record for the  year!
Elliptical  60 minutes

All the snow is melting this week with the warmer temps and there is some flooding going on.  Even the small creek below my parents house is roaring.
I also ran in.. wait for it...wait for it.. SHORTS(!!!) yesterday, felt amazing good.

And don't let these two ninjas fool you, they both have NASTY colds and a nice case of conjunctivitis (pink eye).  Happily my mom had some eye drops so I didn't have to take them in to the doctor.
They have made me lose countless hours of sleep the last two nights with their coughing.

 Speaking of lost sleep.  The older I get the more I hate "daylight savings"  it's such a load of c-r-a-p.  Obviously invented by a night owl.  I WANT it to be light early in the morning, I get up early.  I want it to be DARK at night when I go to bed.  I hate driving to work at 6 in the dark.  Not to mention messing with our sleep patterns and kids.  UGH I seriously hate whoever thought this was a genius idea. 

Our days are not longer because of daylight savings, I want to punch people that say that.  Our days are longer because it's getting closer to summer.  Rant over.

Tell me what you think about "daylight savings" and having your sleep schedule messed with. 


  1. I am not a fan of changing the clock either. I would rather it be light in the morning when it is SUPPOSED to light. I like eating dinner by candlelight and it will be too light now! Boo.

  2. Exactly! I do like it being lighter later in the evening ... but that would happen anyway! :) Good work this week!

  3. Time change really messes with my body but I wish it were daylight savings time all year actually. I hate having zero light in the evenings to run /ski/work outside in the winter and realllly use the extra light in the evenings in the summer. As it is, we do so much garden work by headlamp in the summer, I couldn't imagine not having /wanting daylight savings time!

  4. Awesome job on the mileage!

    I actually embraced DST this year because my toddler has been up super early (for us) and the mornings get so long. Yesterday, at least, it was an hour less long.

  5. I hate daylight savings time too. I'm tired for a full week after the clock moves, and it's so hard to get the kids in bed at night when the sun is still out. Today I was supposed to meet a friend for a spin class and because my alarm was the one clock in the house I didn't change, I woke up too late and missed her. Time to do away with this nonsense!!

    Great week of running for you, though.


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