Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Confessions

Confession:  I got up yesterday morning and my right foot hurt.  Hurt to walk on, but didn't hurt with no weight on it. I was not happy.  Seriously my running is just starting to really pickup again. It felt better with shoes on, which was good since I had to go to work and walk on it all day. I popped some Advil and prayed for the best.  I was very bummed since I had planned a short after work run.

It felt better as the day went along but I didn't run when I got home instead I did some of this.

okay maybe my form could be better on this one
see the box on the left edge of the picture, my daughter loves boxes, she is always hauling them up from the basement to "put things in" or make "baby" beds out of, or other creative ventures. 
I had to take a picture going both ways, because when I started this whole yoga thing back in January I could not for the life of me touch the floor in this pose, especially on the right side.  I had to put my hand halfway up my shin.  Good to see progress, even if it feels really slow sometimes.

Confession:  For the first time in my life I cooked with shallots.  I cried.  I didn't realize they were so oniony, but they tasted awesome in my sweet potatoes for supper.  I will be crying over them again.

Confession:  My Ash Wednesday run was fueled on these.  and a banana, but mostly three of these.
I ate them on my way home from work.  Since I went to the noon mass I realized on my way home I was STARVING and I knew I had a few of these in the car from a stop at the grocery store so I did what any hungry coconut and chocolate loving person would do and indulged.  One was raspberry and dark chocolate.  I did save two for the kids.

The foot feels good this morning.  YAY, but I am going to NOT run again today, I have a slamming busy day at work and will be practically running on it at work all day already.  If it feels good this weekend a short test run may be in order.


  1. Now your foot!? I hope it feels better to run on soon!

    Where are your capris from? They are super cute!

  2. I hope your foot is feeling much better today!! I've never cooked with shallots either. I've eaten them in dishes before but never cooked them myself!!

  3. Sorry to hear about you foot. Darn foot issues. Hope its better soon. Cant go wrong with coconut, almonds and choc.

  4. Fingers crossed that foot is going to hold out for you. No going back! And hey, the candy consuming just makes you human!

  5. So, that's what shallots are. Thanks for the photo. I really didn't know.

  6. I love shallots... I think they taste a bit garlicky.

  7. coconut almond eggs sound DELICIOUS.

  8. Oh sugar...oh coconut almond egg....I want one!

    Congrats on the yoga improvement. I hope your foot is feeling up to a run soon!

    Not a fan of shallots or onions...nope.

  9. yoga makes me realize how tight my hamstrings are. progress is slow, but hey, its coming along- i totally understand how big of a deal each milestone is!!!

    I love all onions- shallots, red, white, sweet, green- cannot get enough

  10. Oh no about your foot!! I hope your test run goes well. It would be so nice if we could all just run and run and not worry about hurting ourselves. I love yoga. I find it hard to slow down though. But it's good to slow down. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

  11. Oh onions- how we love them! Especially caramelized...I hope your foot heals soon!!

  12. Man! You and your injuries lately, that sucks! take'r easy.

  13. Coconut and chocolate - sounds amazing!

  14. Hope your foot heals soon!

    I REALLY need to start yoga. I have zero flexibility - it's sad, really.

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