Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Cola and I were very happy Monday when the weather warmed up, the storm moved on and we were able to get outside for a run. The skies were so blue and beautiful!
Everything was so beautiful all coated in snow. I didn't want to go back inside so I did a long run of 9.15 miles with a little speed work thrown in at the end.

and what I am reading right now. That cookbook has some great looking recipes, planning to try out a few today in fact.
Any guesses on when the next snowstorm is coming?  You know there will be another one!


  1. If I could run where you are, I think I"d love it too, but I've been sticking inside for 99% of my runs. Today, though, it's actually supposed to get above freezing, so maybe I'll venture out.

  2. Beautiful pictures, even if I am totally over snow! Let us know how the cookbook/recipes turn out.

  3. Yeah, March can be pretty wild, weather-wise! So glad you both enjoyed your beautiful day. Those books look good. Will be interested to read your thoughts.

  4. I just have to ask, does Cola come with you on all your runs? I think its incredible your dog is able to keep up (and i'm sure living in remote areas makes it better since no need for a leash!) :)

  5. I have the Athlete's Cookbook and love, love, love how they have different plan depending on your goal and that each plan has a time guidelines. Love it!

  6. The sky looks so beautiful!! I love those fresh crisp runs!! I can't wait to hear more about the recipes.

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