Monday, March 3, 2014

Last week in review and Ensō roller review

The week started with a snowstorm and ended with a snow storm.  At least there were two sunny days in the middle and I got in one good run. 

Sunday         Elliptical 60 minutes
                    yoga 60 minutes
                     24 minute HIIT

Monday       Elliptical 63 minutes
                     yoga 45 minutes
                     24 minute HIIT

Tuesday       REST DAY

Wednesday  Rest day

Thursday     8 mile run with hill repeats x4 and 2 miles of telephone pole intervals
                    yoga 40 minutes
                    HIIT workout 24 minutes

Friday         yoga 30 minutes

Saturday      Elliptical 65 minutes

Running 1 8 miles, this was more weather related than anything, blizzards kept me inside.
Yoga  4
Strength 3
Elliptical 188 minutes

I did get in a grand total of 41 miles for the month. I think I would have got closer to 70 if the month hadn't been so cold, snowy, windy, and blizzardy.  Not the best month ever for running. So glad I am not training for anything in particular right now.

I was sent the Evofit Enso roller recently to review, actually it's the ensō roller, but I have no idea how to make that line above the o, so I had to copy and paste.   I was a little intimidated by it at first, but quickly realised it is actually very easy to adjust and configure to roll on different body parts.  

The ensō roller, comes with a 13" aluminum tube and 8 discs, four 5" discs and four 4.5" discs. 
 Happily it also comes with a guide to setting up the roller to best roll different body parts aggressively or more gently.  Mine got coffee spilled on it.
They also have a great guide on their website on setting it up and rolling with it if you spill coffee on yours.

I love being able to make a space for my spine, I tend to roll my upper back quite a bit, and found this amazing.  

You can also take off all the discs and just use the tube to roll areas like calves and quads, or add a few discs to make the rolling more intense.

The roller costs $89 or a smaller travel size with only 6 discs is $69, but if you roll a lot, this is worth it.
To sum it all up:
  • adjustable to better roll any body part
  • light, just 2.13 lbs
  • versatile for any body part
  • customizable design to avoid bony areas
Do you roll? What's your favorite body part to roll? What kind of roller are you using?


  1. Great job with your workouts!!! I love that roller. It looks pretty amazing and I love how versatile it is.

  2. That roller is intense and scary looking. I have a foam roller, but really hate it, so I only use it when absolutely necessary.

  3. Great job getting it done in spite of the snow! That roller looks awesome!

  4. Lots of good working out, in spite of the weather! That roller is pretty cool looking/sounding. I need to expand my little toolkit so maybe that will make the cut.

  5. That roller looks cool! I usually use a rolling pin to get specific areas and my foal roller for larger spots:)

  6. That roller looks terrifying. I'm terrible about using my stick.

  7. SO MUCH SNOW. I'm over it. Gotta grab those sunny days when you can I guess! That roller looks a tad intense for me. I do use a foam roller but only under duress, it's so painful!

  8. Nice week of workouts! That is one CRAZY looking roller!

  9. That roller looks awesome...I love that it has a way to roll your spine. Mine is a Rumble Roller and I love it! :0)

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