Monday, February 17, 2014

Flying Mud

Weekends fly by don't they.  I had to go to work on Saturday,normally I don't work weekends, but we started doing invitro fertilization at the surgery center a year or so ago and when eggs need to be harvested they need to be harvested and when embryos are ready to be implanted they need to be implanted. They don't quite understand the Monday through Friday concept.  It is so neat to get to be in on hopefully helping start a family.

I am sure Cola was disgusted since Saturday was also the most beautiful day ever, sunny almost 50, and not windy!  I didn't run though since my mileage was already pretty high (for me lately) for the week.
You just wasted good running weather Mom. 
 I did take him out for a run yesterday.  It is melting snow everywhere and so the roads are getting muddy.  Since I am not running for speed or time I decided to play with the self timer camera app on my phone.  It's way harder than I thought to get a cool running photo with it.

I did capture mud flying as I ran over the phone
 Kind of a neat picture

 and Cola and I in the distance.  They aren't the best photos, does anyone know of a camera timer app that takes great photos?

 My dog would also like it known he really kinda hates to take selfies with me, he would rather look anywhere than at the camera.
 I also cleaned the fridge and finally replaced the burned out light bulb in it.  My son looked in the refrigerator and said "wow, it's all new"!  No, I just cleaned it! Apparently it was overdue.


  1. Bungee hates looking at the camera, too. Silly dogs.

    Looks like Cola had a great time on your run, though!

  2. Those are some fun pictures! :)

  3. Love all the pics! I hate cleaning the fridge but mine totally needs it;)

  4. bottom left of the cola collage is great!! My parent's dog is the same way, and when she finally does look at the camera- it gives her demon eyes. Glad you were able to get some warm weather up there- seems like we all got a nice change of pace from polar vortex

  5. My fridge needs cleaning too. We're runners, we have an excuse!
    It's great to read about you back running and making mud fly!

  6. Can I just add that there's something wrong with the picture when Montana has mud and Maryland has snow?! ; )

  7. Ham always looks away when I'm trying to take his photo :)

    How did you get all the perfect weather? It's a freaking crazy windy mess of snow and cold here in Chicago now :)

  8. I've tried to do the same thing when I'm uphill skiing. I put the camera down in the snow, set the timer, and ski towards it. Keep trying - it's a fun way to get photos.


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