Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Three for Tuesday

We've had a busy week and exciting week in our house already. 

1. This little guy was born late Sunday night when it was below zero with the wind chills and nearly froze to death.  A little time in the house with a blanket and a space heater and she perked up.
Who doesn't love a baby calf!?
The kids loved waking up to find a calf in the house.  Cola on the other hand was a little more suspicious of the little invader.

2. My little cowboy came home from school yesterday and wanted me to check out his loose tooth

He worked at it until, it was gone! First tooth lost, and he is pretty sure it about time too, his little sis has some loose teeth and it would not be fair if she lost one first!
3. Monday after work I was so happy to come home to sunny, no wind and mid twenties outside.

So Cola and I snuck in a quick 3 miles before I had to start making supper. Perfect winter running weather.

My back is feeling way better and I am so happy about that.  It is supposed to be up to 40 some degrees today. I am helping my husband with some cows this morning and time!  I plan to wear my running clothes underneath my working cows clothes so when we are done running I can trade my boots for my running shoes and run home. 


  1. Man, that calf is freaking adorable!!

  2. Awe, the calf is too cute! And yes who doesn't love one?

  3. My girl you have had a busy week. Glad your back is better.

  4. What a cute little calf!!! I'm glad your back is feeling better! Thank you so much for your great advice!!

  5. I want a baby calf! Awww. So glad it survived the cold. How long will you keep it inside?

    That toothless grin is adorable! I bet he was excited to finally lose one!

  6. The baby calf is adorable!! Loose teeth really freak me out.

  7. Oh gosh my heart is melting over that cute red calf! So happy you were able to save her from the cold.

    Great news that your back is feeling much better and you and Cola dog could enjoy a run.

    40 degrees!?! Please tell me what that feels like. And please enjoy it for me! :)

  8. Ah, a sweet new calf ALREADY! I think you should call her Norman....

  9. What a cute calf! Hopefully the kids'll let you move it back outside :)

  10. How fun for your kids to have the baby calf inside!

  11. That is so awesome! That calf is so darn cute!


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