Monday, February 24, 2014

Week in review and Sweatpink

Large areas of our lawn and field behind the house are sheets of ice, although this morning you can't see it thanks to the 8 inches of snow that fell last night, so we spent a lot of time sliding on the ice and my son came up with the idea to play hockey with baseball bats and rocks.  Pretty fun, but we spent a lot of time bent over as all the bats we have are really short for little kids!

I became a Sweatpink Ambassador last week and am having a hard time finding anyone I know on there to get "friends".  So if you are on there, let me know your user name so I can find you. That would be awesome :)

Speaking of Sweatpink, these little girls were either working out or napping on my elliptical.
The pedals do make pretty good beds for my daughter's babies.  

Sunday                 6 mile run
                             22 minute HIIT
                             30 minutes yoga
Monday                75 minutes elliptical
                             20 minute HIIT
                             35 minutes power yoga
Tuesday               20 minute HIIT
Wednesday          65 minutes elliptical
Thursday              6 mile run after work (I got off a little early)
Friday                  Rest day
Saturday               60 minutes yoga
                             30 minute HIIT Dirty Thirty on PEAR Sports app

Overall a pretty good week.  I'm calling it a win.
Yoga  3
Stength 4
Run 2 12 miles I wanted to run Monday but had a "sick" kid and Saturday it just didn't work out
Elliptical 205 minutes

I have been using a PEAR sport app on my iphone along with their heartrate monitor and am currently going through the Dirty Thirty, which is 5 thirty minute workouts, two running and three strength.  I wasn't sure at first I would like it, but I am liking the extra push and the heartrate feedback is great.  Here is a look at the stats from the two I have done so far. 

It's really hard sometimes to stay within the prescribed heartrate zone! 

I did better on the second one, although I did sorta cheat and do it on my elliptical since I don't have a treadmill and it was blizzardy outside. A full review will be coming soon.

How was your week last week? Are you a Sweatpink Ambassador?  If you are let's be friends! Tell me your user name or check out my profile and friend me.

Also I still have a giveaway going on for an Apera Sprint pack


  1. I'm a sweat pink ambassador!!! I struggle with the site...but I'll go look for you!!! Congrats!

  2. Ok so I think I'm a Sweatpink Ambassador but I'm not sure. I have been getting emails recently for ambassadors but no one has said anything about me actually being one? Did you get an email? Once I figure it out...I'll be your friend!

  3. You had a great week of workouts! My week was good, too…got in four miles outside yesterday! Felt so good.

    Yep, keeping the HR low is hard work. I'm going back to my MAF training and that means topping out at 145. No fun!

  4. I just became an ambassador earlier this year! I'll try to find you/friend you, since I haven't friended ANYONE yet. LOL.

  5. Great week! I need to check out that app...

  6. Nice week! We've had a warm up here and it's been kind of crazy weather for this time of year.

  7. Love love the picture of the babies on your elliptical. So fun.

  8. I'm a sweatpink sister as well but pretty much hang out in the FB group. I'm doing the Dirty Thirty too. Love it, although I'm having a hard time getting my HR high enough. Go figure.

  9. OMG that ice base ball sounds so fun! I would definitely bite it big time though. I'm not any special pink ambassador but I'll be your friend!

  10. The picture with the baby dolls on the elliptical just totally made my days. too adorable! I'm a Sweat Pink Ambassador but had to email them because I cannot find myself in the directory :P

  11. I'm an ambassador, but I have to admit I only check in on the facebook page. I just can't deal with one more forum to be active in LOL. I think I belong to the forum though and I think my name there is the same as everywhere, but I'm not making any promises LOL.


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