Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No running, but good things

Sometimes all we hear about on the news is bad things,  gets a little old and discouraging.  Yesterday morning on my way to work I saw great people in action everywhere.  Blurry picture, but you get the idea, we just got a lot more snow up to 16 inches in some places.  It's cold and snowy.

I saw a pickup truck pull over and give a person struggling to push their bike in the snow a ride.  I saw three different cars on a short stretch of road stuck in the snow, and being pushed out by people who pulled over to help them out.  Awesome.

I have had the winter blahs lately.  Felt the like the sun hadn't shone in over a week.  It's just been cold, grey skies and windy.  When I got off work today...
yep sunshine.  Still cold, but the sun made me smile all the way home.  It's supposed to be sunny today too before we get another possible 8 inches of snow this weekend.  It's breaking snow records here. 

I also got interviewed yesterday for the 5 year anniversary of our surgery center being open.  They are going to make some kind of a video for their youtube channel and Facebook page.  They should have warned a girl I would have put on a little more makeup!  I do love my job and the people I work with make it so much better. 

Hoping to run today after work at least a little, before the sunshine disappears again for awhile.


  1. A little sunshine can improve your outlook on so many things!!!

  2. It's funny, I feel like I've had my best "people moments" in snow storms. Once I slid in the snow and rearended a guy who got out of his car and was like "ARE YOU OK!? Don't worry about the damage, I don't even like this car." Another time, my car was stuck in the snow and three guys offered to sit on the hood/push the car out so I could get on my way.

  3. I love the kindness of strangers when others are in trouble. It makes you have more faith for humanity. It has not snowed here in Kansas but the temps are frigid! We are supposed to have snow on Friday but I am hoping we do not. Gosh, I don't know how I'll deal with snow when I move to Minnesota! :D

  4. hurray for cold and snowy and SUNNY Winter days!

  5. The sun makes ALL the difference! Hope you got a good run done, and let's all hope spring decides to arrive soon! I'll even take one of those teaser warm days sandwiched by cold.... just something!


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