Saturday, February 15, 2014

Things are looking up!

Sunday          62 minutes yoga
                      80 minutes elliptical
                      25 minute HIIT
                      15 minutes yoga
Monday         3 mile run
                      15 minutes yoga
Tuesday        30 minutes yoga
Wednesday   6 mile run
                      25 minute kettle bell workout
Thursday      8 mile run
                     22 minute HIIT
Friday            40 minutes elliptical
                     35 minutes yoga
Saturday       22 minute HIIT workout
                     perfect weather for a run, but I am freaked about how good my quad is feeling so I made it a rest from running and elliptical day since my mileage was the highest it's been in months!

Whew, that was quite a procuctive week!  Lets break it down

Runs          3 for a grand total of 17 miles!! no set goal
Strength    4 goal is 3
Yoga          4  goal is 3
Elliptical   2 (20 minutes) no set goal

I felt like I kind of rocked it this week.  The best part by far was Thursday's 8 mile run.  The first half was a little slow since I was calibrating a heart rate monitoring program and it involved some walking, but the last miles were pure amazing.  Best run in months.  I was only going to do 5, but then that felt so good and the weather was so amazing, I thought 6 won't hurt.  6 came and went and I settled on 7.  My favorite run distance.  At 7 miles I wanted to run more more more, I was in the sweet spot on feeling like I could run forever.

In other news Swirlgear released their new line on Friday.

The long sleeve shirts have thumb holes now..YAY. 

I ordered a couple of things, the long sleeve grey shirt and the short sleeve red being two of them.  I want it all!  You can check out the full line and use the code "swirlon" to get free shipping.
How was your week?
Are you obsessed with thumb holes too? Are you always a little sad when a running shirt doesn't have them.  I am.


  1. Your weekly workout summaries inspire me! And that 8 mile run sounds awesome. I love those Swirlgear tie dye capris.

  2. Much better than my week! (my update will be up tomorrow) Keep it up! And those clothes are adorable! Where do you get them?

  3. I am obsessed with thumb holes too! That Swirlgear line is very colorful and pretty.

    What a great week you had!

  4. Great workouts this week!!!! I am proud of you for being cautious while feeling good. That's o hard to do!!! And I love thumb shirts!

  5. I love thumbholes! I also have the Patagonia top where the sleeves fold into mittens! Since I don't like wearing gloves when I run, it's awesome.

  6. I love thumbholes! I definitely identify with the letdown when shirts don't have them. Glad to hear you are on the upswing on the running front! Nice work getting all that yoga in too!

  7. Thumbholes are great because for some like me with long arms it means the sleeves will be long enough! Woohoo! The little things that make ma happy.

  8. Such great news Christy!!! I can't wait to feel that again! wohoo!!!!!

  9. Awesome job on the 8 miles!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  10. YAY on all the running!!!! I do think you rocked it this week!

    YES, I am addicted to thumb hole shirts. Best idea EVER. Kinda loving the tie dye capris :D


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