Sunday, February 2, 2014

Looking at last week

Cola and I had a great run yesterday, after the first mile of my run there were no more tracks in the road to follow, I almost turned around imagining how cold the snow would be, but we kept going and I was so glad.  It felt so good and was easier than running in the tire tracks anyway.

It was a beautiful winter day, only 10 degrees, but sunny and NO WIND, which is key.  I was toasty warm. Since I am not worrying about pace I took lots of run pictures. Just think only 2 months until the official start of spring.  Feels like forever still.

My day was completely made yesterday when I saw my blog was getting a ton of traffic from Runner's World online, when I clicked the link to see why, I saw I made Remy's World The List on Friday for a blog post I had wrote Monday.  No idea how it got there, but YAY!  I was number 8!

Here is the summary of last week

Sunday          yoga 48 minutes Total body, upper body and core
                      35 minutes kettle bell pyramid workout

Monday        6 mile run (did a lot of run/walking the last mile)(maybe shouldn't have attempted 6)
                     15 minutes yoga after running

Tuesday        Rest day.

Wednesday   20 minute bodyweight AMRAP with my husband.  Burpees 40

Thursday       60 minutes elliptical
                      Burpees 40
                      20 minute HIIT workout which included another 40 burpees

Friday           turned into a rest day.. I was TIRED when I got home from work.

Saturday       40 minutes yoga first thing in the morning
                     6 mile run
                     25 minute HIIT workout with 40 burpees
                     added another 40 burpees

Yoga 3
Run 2  12 miles
Strength workouts 4
Rest days 2
Elliptical minutes 60
Burpees 200/1000

I think the week went pretty good. Monday I felt good when I started out running, but at almost 5 miles my right leg started to bother me, so I did a lot of run walking and took the rest of the week off from running until yesterday.  I was only going to run 4 yesterday but then it felt so good to be outside when I got home from my run,  I added on another 2 and it felt good.  Much better than Monday's run. 

To recap January, I did a lot of yoga, and spent a lot of time on the elliptical, but I also ran 30 some miles this month.  I am not going to add it all up, it might make me a little depressed when I want to be running that much in a week. I do feel like my injury is getting better, still just slowly. 

Tomorrow is my baby girls birthday.  She will be 6! 

Today is her party so this morning will be spent cleaning and baking and hopefully I will get a run snuck in somewhere!


  1. You did so many burpees! Thats pretty cool u made his list, that was a good post. I didnt brave any outside running this week, but ur 6 yesterday looked awesome.

  2. Wow congrats on making the list!! So cool:)

  3. Those pics are amazing, what an awesome day to be out running!
    Happy birthday to your little girl, and well done on making Remy's list. I had to laugh when I scrolled down to the bottom and read about the colour Doomed Toenail!

  4. I cant say this enough- but you live in one of the most beautiful places ever :) Those photos of you and Cola dog are stunning. And congrats on making it into RW! That is awesome (and was a wonderful post you wrote) Happy Birthday to your little lady!

  5. Cola looks so happy to be out running!! Bungee hasn't had exercise in three days and it's starting to show. Too bad we are getting 3-8 inches today so I probably won't be taking her out for much more than a walk.

  6. Seriously beautiful run!! Happy birthday to your little girl!!! So fun!

  7. Happy birthday to your daughter!

    Sounds like you had a pretty good week. 200 burpees sounds terrible.

  8. Yeay for the increase in traffic! That was a good article. I love your photos and Cola... oh my goodness what an adorable pup!

    Maria @ The Good Life

  9. Never heard of the list but that is so cool. For some reason I would think they would contact you about making the cut because obviously you're a pretty big deal now ;)

    I think i'm going to be taking some cues from your book and start recapping my weekly workouts like you do- running, strength workouts etc.

  10. How was your daughters birthday party? Did you find time for a run? Congrats on making Remy's World The List!

  11. Those ranch roads look great for running!


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